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  1. Got bore.... just login to see what's up. Been a member since 2005.
  2. Someday maybe.... probably have to wait after I retire. lol
  3. I sure hope not. KWA lost the production right in 2013 and when into lawsuit with Kriss until it settled last year. I think they are smart enough not to pull another fast one.
  4. Damn... news travel fast.....
  5. I should learn something from Tim Ellwood (No Airsoft for Oldman)

    1. aznriptide859


      Great guy, really funny :)

    2. renegadecow


      Too bad he doesn't write as often as people want him to.

  6. KWA products are tune for .25g bbs. if you use .20g you will probably get frustrated to find the sweet spot on the hop-up. Also, that silver metal barrel looks like it's for the old gas system. The new NS2 barrel is different.
  7. Very nice. Too bad we can't get those in US. As for cycling with 134a. It does work on Semi. Full Auto will freeze prematurely.
  8. Lets not try using anything that's corrosive. The paint.... believe it or not. Will eventually CHIPPED OFF.
  9. Infected, you have the US version which is not under Umarex distribution. Some folks on the other side of Atlantic is a bit more fortunate.
  10. Use heavier BB you'll get a better performance.
  11. Dude... that's clone of KWA upper slide. Not the real thing.
  12. Wait... is that a good thing or bad thing?
  13. You can use Hurricane high flow valve for KSC.
  14. humm... no. It's on KWA ProShop. http://store.kwausa.com/kwaumarexhandkmp7barrelthreadadaptor.aspx Problem is, KWA ProShop can't service folks outside of US. You have to contact the Helpdesk directly to order one.
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