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  1. I've been hearing good things in regards to the KWA M4s. My question: Is it possible to swap the body with the horrendous trademarks for a G&P or King Arms? I want Colt trades or a G&P widow maker...
  2. Just got mine the other day. CQC variant in tan. Absolutely love the feel of the weapon. Much easier and quicker to shoulder/get sight picture than the typical M4 series. Anyone try running a 7.4V Lipo? Don't want 11.1V as that seems too fast for a stock box.
  3. Have you tried WGC Shop? Last I looked there they at least had some standard M4A1s in stock that you could slap a RIS unit on....
  4. I've tried the little dinky pistol mag style ones with the "gas mag" adaptor and that has been hit or miss because the magazine follower spring is fairly strong.
  5. Just got my upgraded WOC from Speculator today , won't be able to shoot it for a couple weeks though :-( Holy ###### these magazines are heavy. I absolutely LOVE the trades on this receiver and the weight/heft of this piece. Absolutely terrific. I've got a 5KU mag for it right now. Are 5KU mags good to go? Should I be looking for GHK pieces? Tempted to try a Pro-Win for fit/use but don't want to be stuck with it if it doesn't work.
  6. Question if you don't mind. Which, in your opinion, has the greater felt recoil, SOPMOD or G36K? I apologize if I missed it in your review.
  7. Gents, What is the consensus on buying one of these? http://www.ratech.com.tw/store/product.php?id_product=279 I'm not great on doing internal work on GBBs so having an upgraded one come directly to me is appealing... For what it is worth, I'd be using GG/propane only. This is to be a fun/cqb weapon for me. I have SAWs for intensive field days. With the above, would I need to replace anything else?
  8. Gents, Been looking at this bugger for a while as a possible CQB weapon. I want a rifle sized weapon with blowback. I've been down the external air route, having 4 SP M16s and a host of other classics including an Asahi M60E1 SDX which I miss to this day but it just didn't work for me so I want GIM An NPAS will be mandatory for me because our CQB limits are sub 300 w/.25 for semi and sub 250 w/.25 for full auto. Insurance company's rules, *shrug*. Was looking on evike and saw 2 NPASs/NPASes for the SCAR: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=32114 htt
  9. Looks like a nice piece for the price, looking forward to seeing performance figures...
  10. You try pming him(Ranger Stubbs) Coop? Tends to get attention quicker....
  11. It does... drop a nice Promy or Systema or one of your choice and you'll be set to rock and roll.
  12. And what exactly is wrong with the PGC type gearbox? Its not like its a bellows system...
  13. *twitch* Don't say mulch around me. I just moved 27 cubic YARDS of the sh** around my house and hate it. Question on the PEQ: That is the box that came with it? I thought they were longer and thinner than that...closer to the TM version than the ICS is what I mean.
  14. Ironfather: Its full auto only...I don't know if you'd be able to bring it into Germany under those circumstances.
  15. I demand a parts list HKG36!! +1 for you for the terrific looking 36.
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