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  1. tactical chef


    almost done getting this L129 completed, flash hider and a bit more inside to go , but im happy with what i have ended up with
  2. decided as cool as it is, dont really need it so up for sale it goes, great fun though boom.bmp
  3. my hk69a1 arrived today, bought on another forum with 2 shells, wanted a stand alone launcher i could sling/pack onto side of a ruck and saw this pop up feels sturdy and works nicely, very happy ps sorry for ###### ability to uplaod pics boom.bmp
  4. nice work jon, im gonna have a look through that on sunday, i chuck my elcan on the ak for some real ugly fuglyness
  5. sweet cheers for the heads up
  6. just to digress slightly from topic, i nabbed a Kart EBR the other day, new project. Now that i have it im stuck to find a way to add a magpull AFG, the lower ris rail does not continue under the foregrip, anyone had any luck ????
  7. had my sopmod for about 4 months now, its been to the mall, cag and my local site in ipswich, its never missed a beat, but i figured id roll out the ol' trusty ak for the afternoon games yesterday. Its just not the same, dont get me wrong i love my ak, its just it doesnt have that "clak clak" ness. im now looking at upgrading it, slapped a v-hop in it in april before we went to the mall, the range on it now is insane, even though i do seem to get a few flyers, on the whole, best aeg ive owned .
  8. im sure he said it was this one from tactical tailor, nice pics bud,
  9. sweeet scar there pat, just hope its been worht all the waitin lol kudos
  10. figured id drop the MC for a weekend and go for a kind of freedom fighter/ ? dont know what really, was just rumaging through my gear and decided i liked this lol
  11. who do you turn to when you need more mags etc, why screamin weasal of course!

  12. what happened to the eoh and peq ??? that was schweeet lol
  13. that 104 looks awesome, ive just bagged myself an ak47, and am wondering if its possible to turn it into a 104, anyone???
  14. decided to have some fun peq box now has working laser inside, acog from rsov and casv from dboys m4 also care of keith, all supported by my beloved ics
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