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  1. What kind of inner barrel does this use? Is it compatible with the other WE pistol inner barrels?
  2. I still can't believe there isn't an aftermarket red-dot upper receiver for this yet...
  3. As much as I am not a fan of Cybergun, I am hoping that wider distribution will lead to more aftermarket parts. Waiting for metal receiver w/ scope.
  4. Any idea if an AEG body would fit? I really want this, but I would prefer green...
  5. Nice review, does the rifle come with the sling mounts that fit into the quick attachment points?
  6. Is there an advantage to ordering from a U.S. Retailer vs. HK?
  7. Ooh, that looks awesome with the sticker, thanks for the post
  8. Nice job. Quick question; I noticed that there was a spare black barrel, is it metal or plastic?
  9. Nice review, I had wondered about the .357. Fantastic photos!
  10. So, how do I know if I have the "new" vs. the "New -new" version? I bought mine about two years ago. Well, two PPKs actually. I bought the cheap full-metal one and a Maruzen, and then I put the internals of the Maruzen into the full metal. The mags are interchangeable, but the Maruzen mag is far superior in performance...
  11. Thanks, I appreciate the photo/advice Renegade. What size of O-ring did you use when you replaced the stock rings on the tercel mag? (I never seem to get a perfect match when I try to replace o-rings)
  12. Would anyone be able to take a photo of the necessary modification to the tercel mag? Would it be better to file the magazine or the magwell itself?
  13. Has anyone tried to put a photo of rounds in the magazine window?
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