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  1. Yeah, I will wait for the VFC... Just hope it won't be too much longer..
  2. Really looking forward to this; good to see the APS in the catalogue too.
  3. Just watched another review; he said metal frame. I think the redwolf guy just misspoke.
  4. Would love to see a KWA comparison video
  5. Curious who the OEM is…
  6. Yes! I was always bummed that I missed my chance when the original KRISS gbb was available.
  7. Does any one know the size of the screw that goes in the rear of the VFC/Elite Force G18 hammer group? I recently swapped the the parts over to my FMG-9, and that screw seems to be missing? Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a parts diagram anywhere.
  8. What kind of inner barrel does this use? Is it compatible with the other WE pistol inner barrels?
  9. I still can't believe there isn't an aftermarket red-dot upper receiver for this yet...
  10. As much as I am not a fan of Cybergun, I am hoping that wider distribution will lead to more aftermarket parts. Waiting for metal receiver w/ scope.
  11. Any idea if an AEG body would fit? I really want this, but I would prefer green...
  12. Nice review, does the rifle come with the sling mounts that fit into the quick attachment points?
  13. Is there an advantage to ordering from a U.S. Retailer vs. HK?
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