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  1. Does the Golf still have that awful clutch which engages about 1 cm from it's resting position?
  2. Striders are meh. Never understood why anyone would spend so much money on a sharpened pry bar.
  3. Pay someone to set on fire for you! That way they can at least not accuse you of setting it on fire yourself. Honestly, a second generation Nissan Micra is a way better car. (The first gen is great if you ever want to experience what it feels like getting stuck in mousetrap) Edit: Ok, maybe not WAY better, but better.
  4. Still waiting on my Meerkat sprints. How is the R? Does it feel and carry like a slightly larger delica?
  5. Of course I meant "it could take before snapping". I often think faster than I write and often forget words. Anyway, since this is a picture thread, here's a pic of my RC-4:
  6. Indeed. In my defence the prying(and stabbing) was done on a live moose. ... Ok, maybe not a live moose, but certainly a dead boar. I wont be sending this one in. I was trying to see how much it could be snapping and let me tell you, you need a lot of force.
  7. Really want a Beta Project Tactical AK and a Tanaka Python, but can't spare the money. :(

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    2. Moriquende


      I can sell a part of my liver, it grows back!

    3. FireKnife


      You can live on Econo-beans right? Then buy guns now.

    4. renegadecow


      Stay away from the beans brah. They make you toot.

  8. Just scared a deer off with a burst in the *albatross* from my VFC AK105. That's the only thing it's good for BTW. Useless *suitcase* rifle. Anyhow, made me smile and maybe he stays out of our garden for a while. If he doesn't, I will come after him with my Kukri the next time. He shall not eat the roses.
  9. Was supposed to get my salary today as it's payday. Guess what? The bank has *fruitcage*ed up the transaction so I won't get my money until monday. This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that I'm going skiing in Italy tomorrow and need that cash in order to pay for a few important things. I *fruitcage* hate banks. The people who work there are lazy *albatrosses* who sit on their *albartroth* all day(well, pretty much) and they can't even make an automated transaction work properly. GRRRRR.
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