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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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SLR 8" SBR build done. Just waiting for a few accessories (sling end plate, AAC Blast Shield, Cloud Defensive LCS, and an actual working ScoutLight head) and repairing my BTC Spectre, but otherwise al

One of my latest build, a real Colt M16A1 converted for GBBR on the WA system. Stripped upper, barrel and BCG was changed to Viper Tech du to my local laws. Also a video of how it was made:

Hey all! I kind of stumbled upon this thread by accident while searching for M16A2 receiver markings on google and saw one of Catgut's amazing VT's. Which brought me here I have been working on

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Thats a sweet little setup you got there for CQB! I think it would look pretty cool with one of these http://www.madbullairsoft.com/English/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=352 :D I have an m4 setup like that, not quite as short a front end though.


Thanks Bro. I have the big brother to that stock on it now. The adjustable version. http://www.madbullairsoft.com/English/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22_40&products_id=353

It is most def a CQBeast. It spits them out around 30rps. I have it tuned to around 250fps. That way when I come around a corner and light someone up from slightly too close I don't feel bad.



KTcerberus Holy *suitcase* man thats one badassed M4.


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After WAY too much Army of Two, my buddy decided to see what we could zip tie to his M4...with great results. Screwdriver and foregrip? Sure. Later we ended up attaching Nerf swords, a ping pong paddle, and a ladle.





He's doing an undercover border patrol loadout in these pictures.

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Dat SPR.... Nuff said.


Beautiful rifle. Is the handguard the real PRI or replica?

The PRI hand guard is a real PRI. Heres a not so short parts list:


Systema 2009 SCK M4A1

Systema Red Cylinder 520 fps

Systema 12V Batteries

Empire Airsoft Hop Up Adjuster

Airsoft Surgeon 18" Steel Outer Barrel

Airsoft Surgeon Anti-cant Device

King Arms PRI Flip Up Front Sight

King Arms OPS INC 12th Model Supressor

King Arms Quick Detach Bipod Mount

King Arms Harris Style Spring Loaded Bipod

Prime WA/PTW Gas Buster Charging Handle

G&P SPR Type PTW Grip

G&P UFC Railed 30mm Scope Mount

G&P Leupold M3 Illuminated Scope Replica

G&P OPS INC SPR Flash Hider

PRI Gen III Free Float Carbon Fiber Hand Guard

ARMS #38 Swan Sleeve


MAG 160rd PTW Magazines

Tackleberry Upgraded 490A Motor

Tacleberry waterproofed Electronics

PDI 04 Tighbore Inner Barrel

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