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  1. Cyclists are mental! http://satwcomic.com/how-to-use-a-bike
  2. The HPA tank has a 3000/4500PSI -> 800PSI regulator on it. So it's filling the catridges with 800PSI vapor gas, vs 800psi* liquid gas. *CO2 liquifies at a higher pressure, but it's comparable.
  3. What size? If it's .68 you should be able to get reballs in most PB shops. Or even ask if a field somewhere wants to give you a bucket of worn out ones. Shame to fire away mint reballs.
  4. Johny_blaze that picture is amazingly well taken. Does it exist in a higher resolution? More from same photographer?
  5. In the lower left corner of the page, there's a button called "change theme". It allows to switch between normal and mobile. Is there any chance of more themes? Specificly dark themes to ease viewing (at night ).
  6. 10J is basicly a paintball marker...if it's really a 3,05gr ball.
  7. I think you got a tourist on your first pic...
  8. Bought 20 motors (among other things). Received the wrong type. Never got a single reply on the mails i send. They also didn't use the mail service level i paid for.
  9. It's basicly a 6P internally, but some of the airsoft versions (CA iirc) contains different lamps and will not fit 6P lamps. You can take it out and compare it to pictures of SF 6P lamps. If they look similar, they most likely are. Then you can buy just about anything. 6P is the most common lamp type. This is a classic for upgrades: http://www.dx.com/p/cree-q5-led-drop-in-module-3-7v-18v-input-11621
  10. *badger*s. You post trackable about yourself all over the net. It's just now/here you try to play the PERSEC card. Your name, your facebook profile, your city, your age, your workplace, pictures of you, named pictures of you at airsoft unobscured, whatever you want. It took me less than 5 min to find this, based on info from your profile here. On a 256kbit connection. I'm gonna be nice and not post links or write it here, so it won't be indexed by tineye or google. It is _not_ meant as a threat in any form. Just something to back up my opinion of finding your behaviour amusing. Ev
  11. I find it highly amusing. Even better is the post with "i dont want my face all over the internet" next to his face, on the internet.
  12. Could be a broken pistonhead o-ring (the center o-ring). Take it out and check for defects.
  13. jal3


    What about stock buckings? It isn't possible to just add a tiny spacer in the arm/whatever that pushes on it?
  14. jal3


    Is the accuracy better/worse with the ra-tech barrel? Stock accuracy on these rifles are supposedly pretty good already. I'd upgrade barrel length primarely for more energy.
  15. jal3


    That is one amazing 10/22. Did you change the innerbarrel also?
  16. Well you know, if there's an error indicator, it's the first thing to break...
  17. I am not in these videos, or affiliated with the people in them.
  18. It's because you use the youtu.be domain. Perhaps Arnie can edit forums to include youtu.be in the auto embedding
  19. Guess they changed it, it used to be 99m/s.
  20. Thank you, i will keep posting as i find them. The limits and rules vary. Generally, indoor rules are semi only and 360fps or 427fps. The site in that video is full auto and 328fps at 0 meters.
  21. I am not in this video, or affiliated with the people in it.
  22. The ASCU Gen3 is discontinued. ASCU Gen3+ can usually be bought through any retailer that carries products from ASG.
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