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  1. Have anybody chronoed the 509mm barrels yet?
  2. Is it possible you could report back what the result of the M16 length PDI barrel is when it's done?
  3. Lækkert Ibico... Poison123: Didn't RA-Tech chrono their WA M4 with 363 PDI barrel to 160m/s? Why do yours shoot slower?
  4. What speeds could one achieve with Green gas and a 500mm inner barrel? I've been wanting to make a DMR rifle out of the WA M4 for a long time now. What's the status on CO2 mags?
  5. Had it chronoed to 80m/s / 262 fps with 0.28 Guarder and hop-up set, at 20 degrees Celcius with Greengas.
  6. I received my Type B Black Dragon a week ago, with a king arms 150% spring set. Shoots pretty well with 0.28 Guarder, but has problems with slidelock after 50 mags through it. I advise people to avoid using it unnessecarily The WE mag cannot fit the co2 adaptor valves for TM mags, so i'm ordering a TM mag for that. I expect to use a HPA rig with it. I installed the 150% spring set, but that made the slide too snappy, so i went back to standard springs. Didn't seem to give a power increase anyway. I found out that the hammer spring housing is in plastic, so i'm fitting on a RS Colt
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