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    What gas am bestest?

    My chosen fuel is Propane. I've been refilling my small Coleman propane cans from a large tank for almost 2 years and it's been wonderful. If you use GBB's as much as I do, it is incredibly cost effective and Airsoft gas is quite expensive considering how little you get in a tin. The performance runs at a comfortable level throughout the year and it's output is comparable to the stronger green gases on the market. If I intend to play on the darkest days of winter I might pick up a can of Guarder Power Up gas just in case, but propane generally sees me through. I wish I did it years and years ago. All that wasted money.
  2. Bada Bing

    Umarex/VFC G3 GBB (first look)

    Glorious images. Thanks for uploading, bud.
  3. Bada Bing

    Videos Thread !

    Hey guys. I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers
  4. Bada Bing

    Umarex/VFC G3 GBB (first look)

    Good write up, mate. I would be interested to see how this will perform as you continue to put miles on its clock. You’re very brave for giving it a go.
  5. Bada Bing

    Videos Thread !

    I was recently given the opportunity to take a look at the GBLS GDR-15. An interesting EBB rifle, indeed. Hope you all enjoy!
  6. I hope that’s an HK45C or CT, but the space between the rail slot and trigger guard looks longer. So probably a full size. But yeah, this teaser seems a little dull.
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    I can watch an imax movie through this gap. 😉 But change your line of sight and it disappears.
  8. Bada Bing

    Did Wii Tech shut down?

    I hope they haven’t shut down. They had excellent quality I heard rumours they were looking into producing M16A1 and M16A2 receiver sets for the Tokyo Marui M4 GBBR platform. 😞
  9. Bada Bing

    Videos Thread !

    Perhaps a little apples and oranges...But anyway, matchups are fun. Enjoy!
  10. Bada Bing

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Those are gorgeous, BR!
  11. Bada Bing

    Videos Thread !

    It took me a while to put this together, and it’s run time kind of feels like a Nutnfancy video or Ben Hur! ;-) The GHK M4 Version 2 GBBR versus VFC’s HK416A5 GBBR:
  12. Bada Bing

    Videos Thread !

    Here’s a few of my recent vids. Enjoy! Tokyo Marui AK47 Type 3 Recoil AEG: GHK Colt M4 V2 GBB: Tokyo Marui USP 9mm GBB:
  13. Hi guys. I've waited for this rifle to be released for what felt like forever. Purchased from Impulse101 in Japan, this is among the first batch and I ordered 3 additional magazines which I was told will be sent in the next couple of weeks. I didn't mind that, just as long as I had TM's latest offering. I just picked it up this afternoon and I thought I'd share a few pics along with a brief first impression. Also comparison to the GHK M4. The usual snazzy (compared to a boring brown cardboard GHK and the like boxes) Marui gun box contains the well presented rifle. Closer inspection of the finish revealing a dull matte grey finish, texture feeling rugged. Not so much rough. Just feels like a decent rugged finish, this being my first hands on with a Cerakoted product. Build quality: It's a solid feeling rifle, zero play between the upper and lower receiver. The delta ring isn't as difficult to pull back as the stiffer GHK and allows the easy removal of the rail without wishing one had three hands. The receiver is also able to be broken down without the need of tools right out of the box, the captive pins are super easy to remove. Contrast in colour between the outer barrel and front iron sight is instantly noticeable. The grey finish, similar to that on the receiver is present on the triangular front sight and with it being over the outer barrel, it's one of the first things one may note when first picking up the rifle. Although the lovely 5.56 Nato markings almost make up for it. By the way it is a one piece outer barrel so it lacks the detachable extension found some of the recoils etc.. Shame. The Colt style buttstock feels very cheap. Flimsy, rattling and cheap. Also buffer tube diameter is commercial spec, GHK buttstock being milspec....spec? Is tough to attach. The Knights style RIS system while old hat nowadays, appears to be the same as the one present on the SOPMOD Recoil, although don't quote me on that as its been a while since I've had one to compare. The rail number markings are fine and well represented. It doesn't wobble or flex side to side when gripped and jarred. Also the top rail aligns well between the upper. I wish I could say the same for the GHK M4, which by the way on mine is a little off. The Knights style folding rear adjustable iron sight is also a brilliant little device. Adjustable both in windage and elevation in very lovely audible clicks. Tokyo Marui Made In Japan written on the front face towards enemy. The dust cover is somewhat ghastly with its visible screw holding the pin and spring in place. However it serves it's purpose and is perhaps something potential buyers could replace if they so desire. Weight: Loaded with its 35rd magazine, the MWS weighs 3025g With the GHK M4 with its magazine at 3105g. Only thing is I have the 10.5" GHK so not exactly doing it right here. Ha. But goes to show the MWS is a light and flickable carbine. Thumbs up from me! Magazine: The MWS magazine is finished with the same coating as the MWS and weighs a mere 465g. Also as you may be able to tell the fill valve is not at a direct 90 degree angle as it faces out of the bottom of the magazine. Also worth noting GHK AR Magazines and their weight: G5 M4 Bolt Carrier MWS GHK It's surprising the weight being almost the same however the shooting impulses are different between them. More on that later. ZET System and lower internals While we are all yet to determine the systems longevity (especially on green gas), we can still marvel at TM's strive for upmost performance over realism. Hammer down Hammer up ^ Note the lack of retaining pin for the bolt catch. Versus GHK Shooting Now this is an area where I haven't had much experience, I collected this rifle late this afternoon therefore I was unable to get outdoors to stretch its legs as the light was failing me. However indoors on green gas the rifle is a hoot to shoot, so snappy and smooth. No doubt the bearings on the hammer and on the carrier aid in it being so slick. I can compare it to shooting the Marui MP7. Just bigger. It is as much fun shooting this on green gas as it is shooting the GHK is on C02. No sluggishness, just instant dynamite. Rock and roll on tap. Chrono with .20's on green gas indoors in the 330's. Can't wait to send some bbs down range and start adjusting the hop. More on this soon. Thanks for looking guys.
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    I thought that out of their entire lineup, the AR-15 type platform would be the safest option. It’s one that has been constantly improved upon. I thought I’d be safe with their 416A5. To be fair, it’s alright actually. There’s only a few things that could be refined to enable it to sit among big league of skirmishable GBBR’s. I have to be honest, I’m lusting after that G3. But I bet the WE version would be the one to go for. Their MP5/Apache is dynamite!
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    Videos Thread !

    Can this be considered ‘Classic Airsoft’? The Maruzen Type-U / Uzi Pistol, now this is a fun gun to shoot :-D Enjoy!
  16. Bada Bing

    Videos Thread !

    WOLVERINES! Classic movie and I’ve finally got a little piece of it :-) Enjoy
  17. Bada Bing

    Videos Thread !

    My VFC HK416 A5 GBBR review! Enjoy
  18. Bada Bing

    WE G3

    Hah! Me too.
  19. Hey boys and girls. Guess this would fall into the gas category? Seeing as its gas that propels the bbs rather than electricity... I recently bought this little beast from CWI having followed its development since it's initial announcement. The Classic Army M132 Microgun! As I explain in my video review, I've always wanted a Minigun but like many players I couldn't afford one. CA have stepped up to the plate with a far more affordable and accessible option. Their new Microgun is the Diet Coke of Miniguns. It's largely constructed from polymer materials and is two barrels short of the 6 barrelled M134. The Microgun arrives in a short but chunky box and its furniture requires assembling to get it ready to shoot. The manual features useful diagrams with clear instructions and only a couple of minor chinglish spelling errors. Once it's all bolted together I was surprised how well built the gun is, and despite its polymer shell its fantastically solid and best of all, light! If you've seen the factory released videos you will probably know that it can accept two forms of gas, HPA and your typical Green Gas cans. The Microgun takes Lipo batteries on the compartment to the right. CA have put some thought into the internal magazine by housing the ammo within the chamber at the centre of the 4 barrels. This makes the gun feed more efficiently than the older M134. The M132 features a spring and follower attached to the end cap, that allows the Microgun to feed bbs in any orientation. Shooting this minigun is about as much fun as you'd expect it to be. Pulling the trigger torques the gun towards the left and roars into life. The gas discharge can be seen chasing each bb that leaves the barrels and the stream is almost overwhelming. This Minigun shoots very smoothly with an grin inducing whirl. The stock rate of fire with an average 11v lipo is 28rds per second. Some high ROF aegs can get to that speed but no where near as impressive to watch ;-) Despite its rotary firing system, the ammo consumption remains minimal. It's 2200rd internal magazine lasts surprisingly long, which is just as well. Reloading isn't the fastest manoeuvre to pull off. Compared to my TM M4A1 MWS GBBR As the Microgun has 4 individual hop ups, one could adjust for the appropriate weight of bbs he or she decides to use. With .20's it can ping a man sized target multiple times at 50m, and as this is a UK/Japanese version Microgun, it does so at 1j. The spread of bbs at that range is roughly 1.5m, no doubt that with heavier bbs it will reduce, but then it starts getting even more expensive when heavy bbs are used ;-P The downsides to this Microgun has to be when it is used with green gas cans. For some reason I thought that maybe it would deal with cool down well due to it being somewhat of a NBB system. I was so wrong lol. After a few hundred bbs fired it will develop cold spots on the body and can even be felt on the grip. Then it will stop feeding rounds effectively. In GBB pistols and rifles, one would just swap out magazines and continue firing. The Microgun is not as lucky. Note icing: When you first install a compatible gas can, (slim profile and with the screw threads at the base) the gas will flow through the lines and backup within the gun. So with continued firing the gun will eventually cooldown much like any other gas gun. Likewise with the removal of a green gas can, residual gas will still be left in the system. I get a slight hiss of gas leakage from the front of the GG compartment connector. Also I've found that it will NOT empty its 2200rd capacity on 1 can of green gas. HPA is the best method for gaming. One other issue I had was with the trigger. It would tend to stick and this would forbid the grip safety from engaging. I would have to physically pull it out. There was a couple of instances where it would continue to fire when I had come off the trigger. Another M132 user on YouTube told me to loosen the grip screws near the trigger and this would solve the issue. That worked a treat and merely over tightening from the factory. Other than those points the CA M132 is intense fun. Pros: It's a goddamn minigun! Cheap. Compared to the all steel M134 anyway Lightweight. Lighter than most LMG's you'll find Easy to operate and hold Fairly spacious on board battery compartment Adjustable Hop Up AEG spec inner barrels and hop up buckings Versatile due to its methods of gas Spring fed ammo reservoir and it's freaking minigun! Cons: Cooldown issues with green gas Somewhat awkward to reload bbs Lack of sling attachment points I'm more of a GBBR kind of guy but I made a promise to the boy within me that he would have a minigun one day. £600 later and he was psyched to finally own one. I'd rather have one of these than it's larger, heavier M134 brother. GoPro streaming to a set of Recon Jet smart HUD Glasses is totally bada$$ Hope you guys have found this interesting. You can check out the full review below: Cheers
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    Fine-Arms Airsoft

    Excellent tip! Thanks, mate.
  21. Bada Bing

    Fine-Arms Airsoft

    Hey guys. Here’s another retailer that I’m pleased to add to my bookmarks. They mainly stock PTW related items, parts and accessories. I ordered a G&P WA SPR Front barrel/RAS set on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday, which is very swift considering it was coming from Germany. Although the payment process was a little long winded, what with transferring funds to their bank and all that international payment jazz. By the time they emailed me with their PayPal address it had already been paid. Lol. They maintain communication throughout and I’d be happy to order from again. http://www.fine-arms.de
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    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Hi all. Just a quick preview of my new toy, I had this delivered from Sniper-AS While hesitant considering VFC's tales of woe I decided to jump in and pick up the 417 once it was available. 7.62 GBBR.. Say no more ;-) The rifle comes in the typical Umarex box which cradles the rifle very well. In the box you'll find aside from the rifle and magazine, a hop up tool, manual and a bb loader. No thrills there but it's always handy to have another loader. The rifle is nice and solid, the finishing also very nice. There is zero wobble between the upper and lower receiver. It's as if it's made from one piece of metal. In fact trying to disassemble it may cause injury if you're not careful. So yeah it's solid. The 417 has plenty of storage space for batteries and other things of similar size. It's quite a weighty piece of kit in its standard configuration, I'd imagine it to weigh a tonne with a few of the general household appliances attached. The magazines while short and fat, are surprising light. Very light in fact. Also it's a real cap mag so you get only twenty rounds of rock and roll. Because of this, I think I'll make it DMR. I bought two spare magazines which I've yet to test, however the one in the box was gas tight. I love how the mags slot and clunk into the gun, it feels really satisfying. Once it's in, there's no wobble either. I haven't had the chance to shoot the rifle on the range yet but dry firing indoors gave me a taste of things to come. The way to describe it would be like using a pistol like a Beretta M9 or a 1911, then picking up a Desert Eagle and noticing the difference as a huge piece of material is slung back and forth. When you break that shot, the rifle seems to send a jolt through the receiver and buffer tube into your shoulder. But the jolt isn't a fast snap that of the little 5.56 counter part. It's almost moving in slow motion.. but not. Either way it's a great experience to shoot. Internal wise most of the fcg is made of steel, apart from the trigger. That unfortunately is not steel. The bolt carrier is not steel, just as well. But upon closer inspection there is steel reinforcement on the areas in contact with the bolt catch. I'm unsure if the hop up unit is of the older variety, out of the box the hop is all the way off. Couple of things I'm not keen on Charging handle: It feels cheap and there's a few mm of play between seated position and charging the rifle. Selector switch: Nothing exciting about this, feels loose and it doesn't lock into select modes as it should. For now these are my only issues with it, aside from that I really like it. I'm taking it to the range this week so I'm hoping it'll do well. If you can spare 10 minutes here's the unboxing. [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
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    Hey fellas. I thought I'd chime in on here with my thoughts regarding the VFC HK45CT. The typical no thrills Umarex Hk box...yay. Contents of the amazing box. Overview/build: The pistol itself has a terrific build quality and looks stunning. VFC does a fine job at making their guns look nice at least. The metal slide finish looks a better shade than KWA's HK45 and other HK pistols. The white umarex licensing marks are thin and are mostly unnoticeable. Mostly. The controls are positive. Safety decocker lever functions well. The flick up to safe mode is tactile and locks into place reassuringly well. The sweep down to decock is smooth and breaks into double action mode with a deep clunk. As I mention in my video review, the double action trigger pull is heavy but in a good way. They've done a good job to make you feel like it's a realistic trigger pull and not like a toy gun. The sights are the standard HK45 type sights but compared to the TM 45, they appear dark grey and more authentic. The slide release/takedown lever is really easy to pry out of the frame unlike the TM, which just doesn't want to let you take it out. The grip length on this pistol is similar to the USP Compact and even though my hands are more on the small side, it still feels awkward for me to hold it. My support hand doesn't have a nice ledge to rest upon, the standard HK45 however, has that chunky magazine baseplate which does have the ample room. If I interlink my pinky fingers it works but it's probably not a decent grip method. The spare backstrap is medium sized and I'd love to try it out but unfortunately the pin holding the one already on the pistol, just doesn't want to come out. As with the real HK45C, the rail is just too short for your run of the mill pistol lights, X300's for example, requiring that 4th rail cutout. Cable ties? Lol Hopup: The hopup adjustment is located on the guide rod. The key that comes with the pistol is used to adjust the hop and is a pretty clever external location for the calibration. Unfortunately the hopup doesn't do a very good job and the shots land either a little high, a little low, slightly left, and sometimes straight. I placed these shots on the paper at 20m and I had to shift my aim from shot to shot to walk the bbs onto target, poor consistency. Shooting: In a warm/comfortable environment the HK45CT shoots very well. On propane/greengas, you get a great snap and jolt in the hand from this little gun, it's cyclic rate is nice and high but that exciting experience is soon demolished when venturing out into the cold. When I was in 3 degrees C, the pistol really did struggle to complete a magazine and often it just failed miserably. Sometimes it would fire one shot fine and second shot would be too weak to even load another bb, it would alternate between weak and very weak shots before the tank was empty. Enter the dragon. On Guarder Power Up Gas the reassurance would be restored and the pistol would complete a magazine. A must fuel for single digit temperatures. Range: To be fair to the little gun the range isn't too bad. When I was using either a toasty mag on propane or Guarder Black, I had it shooting out to 50m. It would probably take an entire 20 round magazine to be able to hit a man sized target once at that range but at least it was getting there. KSC/KWA Compatibility: I touch upon this in my video but as you see in the photo's the internal working parts are copied from the KSC and KWA USP series. USP HK45CT Side by side, USP left - HK45CT right. The magazines are a drop in fit but unfortunately they either vent the gas once fired, fire and slide blow back a few mm or appear to light strike and act like a NBB. At first I thought it could be that the button on the valve sat too low for a decent strike but with the varied responses from testing, I cannot pin point the cause of the actions. One of the only real differences between the two brand magazines is that on the original HK45CT magazine, it has a raised lip on the rubber gas seal. I have an Action high flow valve in one of my USP mags and this seems to be the way to make the USP magazine fire the pistol. I removed the Action valve to install into one of my hk45ct magazines and it is a fantastic upgrade. The cycling remains high and consistent, even in colder conditions it outperforms the stock by a long shot. Conclusion: Right from the box, out of 10 I'd give it a 4. There's a decent gun in there somewhere but you'll have to fork over a bit more money on top of the initial £170-£200 cost just to find it. Business as usual with this brand then. £40+ per magazine is a complete joke. When it becomes available in Asia, I have no doubt in my mind that AMG would release upgrade valves much like the VP9, so one could get the very best out of the system and if one were to install an upgrade hopup bucking, I believe it would be fine skirmish tool. So yeah, it looks the part but doesn't deliver. That should be VFC's company slogan. "No compromise, GET VFC! Hmmm, no mate. Video Review: Thanks for looking and I hope this helps.
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    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Here's a selection from Urban Assault. Let's Be Cops!
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    Videos Thread !

    £600 Minigun? I just had to...

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