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  1. It’s so beautiful! That PDW stock made by WE too?
  2. Woah. Good job buddy, you are very welcome. Takes a little while to get it just right, the alignment and such, but truly stellar when it’s all working like an original mag. I’d love to try my hand at modifying a real 5.45 polymer magazine to fit the GHK 5.45 internals with shortened gas tubes, but I’m busy with other stuff atm.
  3. Now that’s a blast from the past! I loved Arnies End of Days build. I had a similar thing but nowhere near as good: https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/gallery/album/554-mp5-m203-handguard/
  4. Glorious images. Thanks for uploading, bud.
  5. Good write up, mate. I would be interested to see how this will perform as you continue to put miles on its clock. You’re very brave for giving it a go.
  6. Hey guys. Here’s another retailer that I’m pleased to add to my bookmarks. They mainly stock PTW related items, parts and accessories. I ordered a G&P WA SPR Front barrel/RAS set on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday, which is very swift considering it was coming from Germany. Although the payment process was a little long winded, what with transferring funds to their bank and all that international payment jazz. By the time they emailed me with their PayPal address it had already been paid. Lol. They maintain communication throughout and I’d be happy to order from again.
  7. Here's a selection from Urban Assault. Let's Be Cops!
  8. Hey boys and girls. Guess this would fall into the gas category? Seeing as its gas that propels the bbs rather than electricity... I recently bought this little beast from CWI having followed its development since it's initial announcement. The Classic Army M132 Microgun! As I explain in my video review, I've always wanted a Minigun but like many players I couldn't afford one. CA have stepped up to the plate with a far more affordable and accessible option. Their new Microgun is the Diet Coke of Miniguns. It's largely constructed from polymer materials and is two barrels
  9. Haha. Good effort though, mate. Yeah you could have kept the Magpul locking tab, lol. Taken a shallower cut. I didn't really have a choice with my GHK magazine. Hey ho. It's all part of the fun, right?
  10. Update: Ummm yeah. I wasn't trying hard enough to pull the guide rod out from the hop up block. Lol my bad. In my defence it's oily and tough to get a good purchase on.
  11. I'm really glad to hear you're having a positive experience and enjoyment from your VP9. So there is hope for VFC after all? In that case I must look into one.....perhaps....one day. The nozzle doesn't share the same bullet shape as the VP9, unfortunately. Surprisingly it differs from the KWA style USP nozzle, and features a single return spring built onto the mock ejector. You know something else that sucks about this handgun? It seems impossible to strip the slide down of the outer/inner barrels/recoil assembly, without taking out the 3 screws holding the BBU in place. The hopu
  12. I was as stunned by the cloned internals as you. It's crazy. Yes as you say, the VFC knocker has a very broad range of side movement, which confirms your statement. I had no idea it was as bad as it was until I played around with it, slide off/magazine inserted. Striker connecting with the valve on various points of the release button. My experience with KSC systems have been both great and poor. 2x KWA NS2 USP's in particular being under powered and inefficient as hell.
  13. I've only seen it advertised within the EU. Like the VP9 being available for at least a good 6 months in EU before it was released in Asia. In regards to it holding its hop adjustment, I'd say it does. However the stock barrel and buckings that comes with these VFC's, leave a hell of a lot to be desired. You couldn't take it to a skirmish as it is now and expect to score decent kills. Funny you mention the recoil, if you see the slo mo on my video, you'll see the outer barrel move around an awful lot when firing. This probably doesn't help the accuracy. Thing is that I've had some
  14. Hey fellas. I thought I'd chime in on here with my thoughts regarding the VFC HK45CT. The typical no thrills Umarex Hk box...yay. Contents of the amazing box. Overview/build: The pistol itself has a terrific build quality and looks stunning. VFC does a fine job at making their guns look nice at least. The metal slide finish looks a better shade than KWA's HK45 and other HK pistols. The white umarex licensing marks are thin and are mostly unnoticeable. Mostly. The controls are positive. Safety decocker lever functions well. The flick up to safe
  15. Yep. Totally compatible. The ridges around the magazine lock into the recesses on the Stratagem perfectly. Just watch how you go because I've had a couple of mags fly out when jumping/diving through windows. And they were mounted right side up too. Elastic retention cord would be advisable.
  16. GHK AKM with Real Izhmash Bakelite Magazine. It's a work in progress but I've got it this far so it shouldn't be long until it's ready to begin service :-D
  17. Hell of a nice rig you got there mate, there's definitely something extra special about having a hard case with clean and well organised interiors. I've recently bought the UAC lightweight Bolt Carrier for the MWS and it's unbelievably fast. I'm in the middle of putting together a video of it at the moment but first here's a little look at the performance in cold weather. Not quite freezing however it's the similar temperatures I experienced when I used it at Senny Bridge at the tail end of last winter.
  18. The XM8 GBBR project revived. This is version 3 of my build, with WE G36 GBBR receiver carefully stripped of excess polymer fat to allow GWS custom aeg kit to fit over. Front area of the lower XM8 receiver bodged to lock up to the original G36 magwell attachment point and original body pin slots that secure the trigger mech and recoil spring remain present but trimmed down in order to work with the different parts. Not the greatest of photos but those trades! Super duper cool..
  19. That's pure filth Chris. Good job! I use the same bbs and my mags are fine with them. Are yours new magazines? I found with new TM mags, especially pistols mags, they tend to stick when feeding into the gun. But this passes over a short space of time with general use. Sometimes I'd leave a troubled loaded magazine over night and try again the following day. That's my experiences anyway, it could be as they say on the group page. Ammo related... And I love the night vis camo!
  20. The screw on end cap of the stock tube is elongated and along with the rubber buffer piece making up almost the correct length for the recoil parts. Just the bolt lock wasn't quite catching, this may be because I'm using propane and the bolt carrier is moving too quickly for a positive catch. Manual charging on an empty magazine always has positive lock as well as firing when low on gas. Like very Recce rifle there mate, it's very hot!
  21. As I understand the widespread use within the US forces were 3rd burst model's. However as it seems according to Wikipedia, Colt produce both selectable fire options for international sales under the same designation M16A4. I too often wondered that as I saw Airsoft companies such as LCT and Bolt producing so called M16A4's but of course the gearboxes still fired on fully auto. Guess they're correct. And all A2's are actually A3's....and now my head hurts.
  22. Why thank you! I just finished putting together a quick video overview of the build :-)
  23. So I made something happen recently. At the last game I attended, I noticed that there was roughly a million other players using Mk18's. Therefore I've gone down the hoorah road and utilised a Spear Arms WA Outer barrel adapter, Model Works A2 Stock and G&P M5 RAS Front set. I introduce my M16A4 MWS build: It has a lovely heft to it thanks to the steel outer barrel and the rifle is a joy to point. Best GBB M16? ;-P
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