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  1. 1st_shooter

    DSC 9375

    Ha brilliant top effort!
  2. 1st_shooter

    Pics of your Gear

    What do you think of my MC/M84 combo?
  3. 1st_shooter

    KWA ATP Custom w/ X300 Top

    You mean this isnt real?! Nice work
  4. 1st_shooter

    H&K Picture Thread

    I haven’t found any which Is why I modified it. Probably a custom made Kydex holster would work seen as these are moulded around the gun? I would buy a set of standard sites if I had the cash see as the only ones I can find around about $80 - night sights. If anyone has some bog standard ones spare please give me a nudge!! http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gunsmodify-tritium-night-sight-for-ksc-usp-45-compact-gbb.html
  5. 1st_shooter

    H&K Picture Thread

    Yes, Yes. And to confirm its a Blackhawk CQC
  6. 1st_shooter

    H&K Picture Thread

    This slide wont stay pretty and perfect for long so I'm sure they can be worn/painted away fairly soon and will then look nice and abused. Shoots really hard on Ultra so Im sure this will be even nicer on Green/Red. I have filed down the front sight so it fits into my Fobus but plan on buying new night sights for it when funds allow.
  7. 1st_shooter

    H&K Picture Thread

    Just got my USP Tactical yesterday. Again I hate those stupid trades. 6mm cal WTF why am I paying for this!
  8. 1st_shooter

    Pics of your Gear

    hashed this together,
  9. 1st_shooter

    VFC MP5 (Umarex Licensed)

    I have just seen on WGC the pre order for the A3 version but these comments have put me off completely My escort MP5 was amazing I would Like to go back to that without having a tank on my back please
  10. 1st_shooter

    FN Picture Thread

    Havent posted these before. Tanaka Candian Inglis version Twins, RS 20rnd mags not airsoft!
  11. 1st_shooter

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks Man, I had the day off yesterday and refurbed the light so it looks newew and took some of the marks off the gun. + I also added white dots to the sights.
  12. 1st_shooter

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks Tangman for selling me this
  13. 1st_shooter

    Kablamo! *srs face*

    You have fitted the latest freezing device to your Scar! +1 sir
  14. 1st_shooter


    I havent had the time to come on here in ages and now this gun is getting me all impulsive and excited again. I currently have 1 fde and 1 black in my ehobby shopping cart however i must resist! I think i should wait for the accessories so i can perhaps just buy it all at once.

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