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  1. And it's even worse than they led us on to believe. It now says end of October release on the website. Somebody must've messed up bad. Glad I can use my money elsewhere until then.
  2. Now available for purchasing from SIXmm at 488 USD: https://www.sixmm.com/collections/gas-blowback-pistoltop-gas/products/umarex-ghk-glock-17-gen-3-gbb-cnc-steel-slide A bit more pricey, but not limited to asian shipping like AirSoft Taiwan.
  3. Very strange indeed. In the conversation over PayPal they explicitly stated that they would not have the Strikers in stock for another 3-6 weeks, realistically speaking. Customs and bureaucracy was taking longer than expected by their own admission.
  4. True words. Actually got a reply from Octagon, and after some back-and-forth my money is now being refunded. When the Striker has been officially released and shipped it'll be time to reinvest. But for now, my money is going elsewhere.
  5. Octagon Arisoft have yet to send out any of their Striker 12's, and despite mailing them several times there is still no response. I've asked if there will be any compensation, since I've paid for my order in May, was promised shipping in July, and still have heard nothing. It would appear that standards have fallen quite low over at Octagon. For shame.
  6. The hive mind delivers! And a local supplier to boot. I will contact them and see what can be done.
  7. This is sounding more and more worrisome. I dispatched an email to Eagle Airsoft on January 5th asking about the Street Sweeper, and they replied that they had no stock left and that no further supply was expected. There where no expectations of an all-black version either. But if you gentlemen receive your shotguns, then more power to you.
  8. I am in need of some help with figuring out how to best protect my laser aiming module during games. Recently I got hold of a SureFire L72 / L60 combo on a SureFire A16 adapter and M22 mount: So here is the conundrum: How does one go about to best protect the laser aiming module with minimal impact on the light beam. I am primarily concerned that the beam will be refracted, or the point-of-impact will change drastically. Is there any material out there that is strong enough to stop a BB, but yet provides minimal impact on the laser beam? Will something like a F63 filter work
  9. Apparently MoaiHobby, for whatever reason, changed their URL to https://www.moaitoys.com/shop/ I guess they lost their URL, or forgot to renew it, or something?
  10. How is the engraving on the WE Colt M4A1 lower? Bought one from AsiaAirsoft and was not impressed. Looked like it was made using electropencil or something. If the KY lives up to the high standard I expect them to, this might be the go-to place. Any chance of a close up? Horsey in particular?
  11. Got a spot of help from NonEx, and have come to the conclusion that I need to invest in a MapleLeaf barrel. Grinding down the bridge to allow for VSR rubbers seems like a bad idea to me.
  12. I've got a question for the hive-mind, since I have failed to ascertain the information myself: Just purchased a RA-Tech barrel for my open-bolt WE M4, and since it's RA-Tech the barrel is bridged on the end meant for the hop-up housing: http://en.ratech.com.tw/english/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=116:rag-we-035&catid=27:ra-gas-series&Itemid=119 The question at hand is: Which rubber fits this unholy apperition? MapleLeaf VSR-rubber was a no-go, and the MapleLeaf Decepticons rubber didn't work either. The seller was
  13. Many reasons, I guess. First off the Dominator is wrong on many areas. The ejection port, the weird cramped barrel... that was the first thing that put me off that platform. And also, for me, it's the fact that it is a Tanaka clone. Say what you want about the Tanaka shotguns. They look great, they have lots of metal components, but they are really more showpieces than actual skirmish guns. Mine underwent several reparations before I sold it on, and the inner barrel design coupled with limited BB's is really a let down for me. The reach may increase slightly over an APS shotgun, but the adde
  14. Just tried this on my double-feeding 14-inch SWAT, and it works great! I just held the shell latch arm with two pliers and bent it to submission. Would not recommend that method to anyone else, since it is rather hit-or-miss, but I was lucky. And it does require some serious effort to bend the arm...
  15. Here's another question for the hive-mind: During the 1980's / early 90's there was a company in the US which made a OC pepper spray attachment for Beretta M92-style handguns (and other handgun models) so one could combine less-lethal force with deadly force all in one platform (yes, fantastic idea and not at all risk of confusion, I know...). The company's name is unknown to me, however it is known that Safariland made a series holsters for this exact combination (for instance the 6280-732-62). So if anyone knows the name of the company that made the OC add-on, or the model name / product nam
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