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  1. I'm fairly interested in something along the lines of either 1) the EI/SKD universal chest rig or 2) some sort of RACK type system I spotted the BDS Tactical Simple Stacker Chest Rig and I like the idea of having the integrated magazine pouches. I've always found this feature rather neat on the Wasatch / Weesatch range and the SoTech Hellcats. Can anyone comment on either of these types of systems? Anyone know of any other systems that utilize the integrated magazine design like the BDS rig above?
  2. Question for all you chest-riggers. I've noticed that many of you (Agent Hunk I've noticed in particular) carry water attached to your rigs. Does this cause the chest rig to bounce or move around a lot? In addition, you all might be able to point me in some new directions. I'm looking into the possibility of going with a chest rig and I've got some requirements that need to be met. 1. Rig must be able to carry water - I use a Maxpedition mini rolly-polly to carry my nalgene. It attaches with one malice clip. 2. Rig must carry at least 8 magazines. 3. rig must
  3. Hate to break it to you, but aftermarket bodies won't fit ICS M4s. That's the price you pay for having the split-gearbox design.
  4. How well does that laser function outdoors? In my experience red lasers are never visible from a distance. Does the green laser solve this problem?
  5. How's the performance of that gas dboy's KAR98K, Guinness? Lovely photos as always.
  6. Bah, the real winner of this thread is the BAR-10 / SMLE conversion followed, at a close second, by the various classics shown above.
  7. Hmm, I recognize that redi-mag... If I recall correctly it was the G&G version.
  8. Excellent work as always, Guinness... Now, why, oh why can't they make us a decent KAR98K, SMLE, and 1903 with JG BAR-10 internals? Or a nice M1 carbine AEG for that matter?
  9. Robinio, Back when I had my CASV I could fit some small type batteries in it, but it was generally hit or miss. If the mini had those plastic guards at one end or the other then they wouldn't fit because the guard made the battery slightly too wide. If the guard was absent from the pack then it would fit tightly. I ordered a bunch of these 9.6v 2000 mAh nunchucks for around $11.00 a piece about a year ago. They worked really well as they could slide up along the inside of the CASV or along the top of the barrel. Hope that helps! edit: My CASV was the KA version and other ve
  10. Robinio, The CASV attaches at two points. First, the top section latches onto the delta ring assembly much like the standard hand-guards do. Second, the long top rail portion of it attaches to the picatinny rail on the top of your gun's receiver. Once that is all attached, the bottom section of the CASV swings up and locks into place with the top part. Here is an installation guide from VLTOR.
  11. EBB sells the MOE handguards including rails for a little over $40 shipped... Can't beat that deal.
  12. Wow, way to insult your entire homosexual customer base... Which, knowing Noveske, must be huge!
  13. It has been known for a while that the ICS delta ring assembly is incompatible with lots of aftermarket accessories. The easy solution is buying a replacement CA or D-Boys delta ring, rethreading the ICS reciever with this product and slapping the new delta ring in place. Not really a huge deal, you may not even need the rethreading tool. I didn't. But it is a worthwhile modification to do.
  14. EBB now carries an AUSCAM replica. I can't speak on it authenticity, but it looks like proper AUSCAM. Also, these folks sell an AUSCAM uniform set. I haven't been able to find out where they are located, but they have a U.S. phone number... but they also have an Aussie and UK number too.
  15. HPC would probably fit great. I'm 5'6" 135 and the thing fits me and could be sinched down even tighter. While each side of the cummerbund is approx 18" it can be shortened by moving the attachment straps closer to the center of the back plate carrier. adjustment system Pics courtesy of Sigyness.
  16. I was always taught that when using a redi-mag you grasp both the used mag and the "readied" mag, eject the used magazine while holding onto it and unslot the "readied" mag from the redimag system simultaneously, move your hand slightly to the right and insert the "readied" magazine into the weapon. In this situation the used magazine is never dropped, but kept on hand until after the reload is complete. Once the weapon is ready to be fired and the used magazine is then dumped. I never had a problem with reloading as such with my old redi-mag system. I found that it was faster than fishin
  17. From what I understand the Redi-Mod is just a lighter weight solution to the typical redi-mag. I've been ogling the redi-mod for awhile now, but simply cannot justify the cost for something that might not even work for AEG magazines. I know I'll garner sneers for saying this, but I'd like someone to "clone" it. Either an mainstream company or someone in China. edit: Tangentially, it would be pretty simple to dremel(?) / cut down a redi-mag to reduce the extra weight.
  18. Is that the GWS kit, Mightyjebus?
  19. Awesome photos as always. I'm digging the number of Garands you've got there. 2ndbat must be proud! Amazing photos, guys. Thumbs way up! +1 for the old schoolers.
  20. This post is so full of win that no other post will ever match it. Everyone should just stop posting now so that this thread can be stickied with this glorious conclusion.
  21. That AKM looks incredible. Very, very real in appearance. An AK might need to make its way into my armory someday.
  22. Dude, select the rifle you want. Don't let the internet lords of Arnie's tell you what to use. Sure, the rifle might not be PJ approved, but if you want it go for it.
  23. Thanks for the M4/M1A1 comparison, Mccrage. I've got a Thompson in the mail and I'm super excited to get to work wooding it out.
  24. I honestly can't say I am surprised. Airsoft companies never put forth the time needed to effectively test a product before it hits the market. We've already seen this so amply demonstrated by the WA M4 and now it looks like the WE M4 is following suit. Honestly, no prototype should be sent forth into final production until at least 20,000 (and that is conservative, I'd favor 100,000) rounds have been put through it, much less 500. The WE M4 looks awesome, and I look forward to being an owner some day (crosses fingers), but in my decade plus of paintball play I've never encountered
  25. Howdy all, Can someone post a size comparison shot between a Thompson and an M4? I'm considering the Thompson, but I want to check the size with a weapon that I am very familiar with.
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