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    From the album: Pitfall!

  2. I will definitely wait for a Dboys comparison...
  3. The Strike Face makes it look really buff. How is it to use? And how is it to holster?
  4. "Your car"... heh Full Metal Jacket did, actually. The forum member, not the movie...
  5. '91 Ford Orion Yeah... Purchased, "styled", used in movie and scrapped.
  6. BakaBox

    1K club

    Hahaha... CAD...
  7. Cheap, simple, compact and effective.
  8. BakaBox


    From the album: Pitfall!

  9. BakaBox


    From the album: Pitfall!

  10. Many Americans are of French heritage.
  11. BakaBox

    Guess The Gun

    Set some rules, please..?
  12. BakaBox


    From the album: Pitfall!

  13. You made Rutger cry... ;_;
  14. 1. Marui makes the F1 and G1. 2. KWC is supposed to release one. 4. That's the recoil of the burst, firing at 1000-something rpm, and the recoil is delayed to after the third cycle.
  15. There's $460 worth of Norwegian currency in one of the lower pockets. Just what I had available at the moment. The shot ended up a bit Secret Service-ish. Ingame, we will have one case filled with "money" and one filled with bags of white powder.
  16. As artistic as spit on ######, but it's for suit-game planning...
  17. BakaBox


    From the album: Pitfall!

  18. Has it even been out for a year?
  19. Sounds like the infamous M1100 green gas problem. Wear and tear on the shell ejector.
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