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  1. Out of interest, is everyone happy with the 100 post requirement for sales? What is the experience of users, now that it has been in place for a few years? Would a reduced postcount requirement to access sales be preferable or bring a return to fraudulent users?

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    2. jal3


      It's a horrendeus limit! I think it should be changed to 75 posts!

    3. LeeBristolAirsoft


      I think it's too much personally. 50/75 would be better. I definitely see the need for it. But it does penalise good sellers and makes it less active then it could be.

    4. cafemondo


      its fine, its long enough that you show you are definitely a board contributor and youre also a serious skirmisher, its also good from a security point of view, by the time youve reached 100 posts youre pretty well entrenched here, youre known and trusted to a point, it makes the sales area a much better secure and safe trading area than many of the free for all piles of shid that are on the internet, havent been here for a while, coming back to an old friend

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