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  1. Some awesome looking guns in this thread! Well done to all the custom guns. No longer own this one, but I cut the stock from a lump of walnut
  2. Yes thats one of mine, not sure which one though, looks like it need to come back to the candy shop for a repaint!
  3. Here is something you dont see everyday. One is mine, the other I was doing some work on for a customer.
  4. Stock I cut out of walnut:
  5. Cases are from the same chap on ebay, just search on aluminium rifle case, http://search.ebay.co.uk/search/search.dll...rifle+aluminium hunt_shoot_fish he's called, also Zero one do some nice cases (www.zerooneairsoft.com)
  6. Yaaaaaaaay a thread just for me! mmmmm scrummy dsr1.... all shiney........ *goes off to unpack dsr and point at imaginary targets making pop pop noises*
  7. Tishina granade launcher, fires a 27mm moscart, made a few of these now for people.
  8. Me again, sorry based on a KSC Glock 18c and firing full auto.
  9. I use a 3mp Sony P32, its a cheap camera now, no tripod. I think the key to a good photo is good light, I always take gun photos outside. Make sure the sun is behind you but dont cast a shadow over your subject. Its also easy to lose your weapon in the background, so either make sure the background isnt too busy, or be far enough away fromt hebackground that it'll be out of focus and look fuzzy. I tend to get very close to photo detail which is fine so long as its light enough.
  10. Ignore the above, ive been assured your a stand up guy! hope to hear from you soon.

  11. If you are reading this Al can you please PAY me for the work I trustingly did for you.

  12. Thanks all, I just work from pictures I google All the wood is walnut I have yet to skirmish any of them but i will be using the dsr at some point this year
  13. Unique Alpine TPG-1 220 hours to build Gas bolt action 7.2kg DSR-1 250 hours to build Gas bolt action 6.9kg I will be building a new gun this year
  14. I am custom WA2000 223 Hours to build Gas blowback 6.5kg
  15. yup, plus it looks like it'd need 300bhp to pull it along the amount of fibreglass and filler in that.
  16. really? do you have any pics of the engine and/or brakes?
  17. yar, a Nova, 21 years old! not that much is left thats that old. Lots of work done underneath, coilover suspension, 300mm brakes, strengthened wishbones, lowered track control arms, uprated anti roll bars, rally spec driveshafts and hubs, etc. Engine is from the calibra turbo with some mods including a 9 litre intercooler.
  18. hey hey, will be soon, if you click my sig it will take you to a dedicated page. Hoping to start the dsr1 in 6-8 weeks. m9? nope, i used a Western Arms 1911, single stacker.
  19. Senor Bear - I always appreciate the support, it helps when im building, but you are correct a picture thread is neither the time nor the place. Thats what the rep points are for.
  20. thanks, click my signature for all the info.
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