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  1. It's the cheapest, the smallest, the one with the most plastic... but it's also the most malicious one of my guns... click photo for larger size
  2. As i am an Austrian, it's neccessary to have an AUG... even if it's just an AEG. click photo for larger size
  3. That makes sense. Just let us forget the fact that most terrorists don't shave.
  4. xm8 tactical conversion. Inspired by Crysis' SCAR.
  5. klick for higher resolution Just an ordinary 1911A1 by Tokio Marui. The plan is to use this as base to build a full metal Kimber Warrior. So far, I just changed the fabric of the retail box.
  6. Once, it was a CA but i've changed almost everything. Now, the only original part is the outer barrel.
  7. I guess you mean the magazine. I just sawed a midcap in 3 pieces and glued the top and bottom part together.
  8. Please excuse the crappy image quality. klick for higher resolution The magazine is a self made 30rds mag, works fine. ICS bolt cover for the realistic looking China made 3x magnifier w/ G&P mount base EoTech 552 Guarder Bushmaster receiver King Arms MRF-MX VFC OPS silencer (shortened) Element EMOD stock Some old Harris style bipod (i guess Classic Army) Full tuned Systema gearbox Prometheus precision barrel ...and much much more stuff A little bit too tacticool with the flashlight but there aren't much occasions to use it, so i just attached it for
  9. Tokyo Marui M9 Zeke kit realsteel grips hammer and recoil spring upgrade Silencer of course MB Gemtech lanyard
  10. I got some new stuff for my M9... A lanyard: And a Safariland 6005:
  11. It's not a Gun but it's still home made and i'm proud of it. klick for bigger size Self made night vision goggles: A pair of hi-res video goggles and a CCD Camera w/ infrared LEDs. And it works perfect! I would say the image quality is somewhere at gen2+ and not green but black/white. I'll attach a pair of infrared LED clusters to gain more viewing range. I also have to make it battery-powered, at the moment it works on a 12V PSU.
  12. AEG Realistic Mod: ICS bolt fake, G&P dust cover, ICS right side selector.
  13. My build: klick for bigger size Guarder Bushmaster Body King Arms 10" Troy Handguard Magpul MIAD Element EMod Stock (modified to fit battery) Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard Classic Army outer barrel G&P realistic dust cover VFC / GB-Tech Receiver Plate Sling Swivel Mount Star Flip Up Rear Sight Star QD Flip-Up Front Sight G&P Raider Foregrip Star M6 Flashlight & Laser Eotech 552 Systema Full Tune Up Kit M150 Professional Systema Hop-Up Unit Prometheus 6.03 EG Barrel (363mm) KM Type Separate Urethane Rubber
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