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  1. -king-

    so good

    just incredible!
  2. -king-

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    M84fs spypack?
  3. -king-

    Videos Thread !

    haha my bad
  4. -king-

    Videos Thread !

    hey titleist... is I sent you some of my own work would you critique it for me?
  5. -king-

    Videos Thread !

    great work titleist... I was pumped to see the MP7
  6. -king-

    Videos Thread !

    M4airsoft.com's FN2000 video:
  7. -king-

    Videos Thread !

    My demo of the Paratrooper for Shorty USA http://brennansvideos.blip.tv/file/160128/ Note: Put it into the mp4 format for best quality
  8. -king-

    Videos Thread !

    My new Tokyo Marui M4 Video http://media.putfile.com/TM-M4
  9. -king-

    Videos Thread !

    http://media.putfile.com/g19 Another Installment! MY G19
  10. -king-

    Videos Thread !

    A video made by me of a TM FA-MAS F1 If you want to link it somewhere else, ASK PERMISSION http://media.putfile.com/famas

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