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  1. Start making the Bren Ten again. For great justice.
  2. I was trying to visualize what that sort of vehicle would look like for a Nationstates RP so I grabbed a notebook and doodled while looking at some pictures on wiki, then scanned it and added color. Saw this thread and figured what the hell, might as well post it.
  3. A drawing I did with a pen on notebook paper and colorized in Photoshop. It's supposed to be a BMP-2 IFV with a Panhard AML-90 turret. It's nothing compared to some of the stuff others have posted.
  4. Director Michale Bay's remake of the 1999 Julia Roberts romantic comedy Runaway Bride has begun filming outside Shanghai.
  5. Where in Spain did you get the vest and camo?
  6. This really makes me want a G3A4, or whatever the designation is for the skinny handguard sliding stock version is. Question: How difficult is the stick battery conversion? I'd be using one of the JG T-3's, so the receiver is plastic, correct?
  7. Okay, so I didn't buy the airplane per se, but you really can't take pictures of electronic tickets.
  8. "Because I'm proud to be an Americaaaan, where at least I know I'm freeeeee...."
  9. I love used book and movie stores. The books are Papillion by Henri Charriére, La Ciudad y los Perros by Mario Vargas Llosa, and a guide to learning liNgala published in Zaire in the 1980's. The Soldier of Fortune is from 1982 and has an article about a SADF raid into Angola. The Vargas Llosa novel is the only thing I bought new.
  10. Today in 105° F heat. SAP 2nd Pattern shirt, P83 LBV, civvie hiking boots and shorts.
  11. Yes, thanks! That's the information I was looking for, though not the answer I had hoped.
  12. Question for the CA FAL owners - is the RIS mount a separate unit from the topcover? In other words, can you remove the RIS and still have the topcover on the gun?
  13. Soldier 95 bergen with 3L Camelbak, XL Thermarest and other stuff. I love the damned thing - it can hold unbelievable amounts of stuff. Now I need to get the side pouches..
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