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  1. Say all you want about the bang rule, but I play it this way for 9-10 years now, and I don't hear the enemy players whine about it. I don't see the point of shooting somebody that close, when they haven't their weapon aimed at me. Airsoft is a day of fun for me, with mutual respect. Not to hurt everybody, even when they turned their back at me.
  2. Tried to link my video, but it embedded the whole video in the post, not only the link
  3. Home-made Tracer Unit, B&T/TM internal tracer with SilencerCo Salvo12 6" dimensions. Check Youtube slash N5m0flgWgeo for footage.
  4. During lunchbreak. (I'm the one with the mask)
  5. Didn't find any other thread where this would belong: Completely 3d-printed. Afterwards, wrapped with DD-tape and paracord.
  6. Pouch made for my Anvis LPBP:
  7. My TM MP7 as it looks now:
  8. They have buyer protection, so lets try
  9. If you have a good seal, you don't have any fog-problem. (no breath can go up to the glasses)( we removed all filters and intake/exhaust restriction flaps) We use it as mouth-protection, and it does a very good job at it. Only disadvantage is that it gets soaking wet inside from your breath after a day's skirm
  10. You are missing something at the back of the receiver And mine:
  11. Game a few weeks ago. About the most recent pics of me online.
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