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  1. Just to add some random thoughts... Back when I used to lasertag we had issues like this. The problem there was that the games were "scripted" to suit one team and the other team were, basically, just "bit players" for the other side to take shots at. Sure, you'd be given objectives and specific tasks but you weren't actually supposed to win. You were supposed to fit in with the overall script. Quite often, as a result of playing a bit too competitively, the organisers would have to kill a bunch of us off with "chemical weapons" or a "minfield" or whatever else they could think of.
  2. I got it off the Screwfix website. I phoned em up to complain and the guy just said "Meh, keep it. We'll refund your money". I guess they're making a few bob then? On the subject of women, and related to the palava with our airing cupboard, why do women need so much stuff I spend a year in Spain and, when the job finished, I packed all my worldly posessions into the tailpack of my Ducati and rode it back to the UK. Seriously, if I have 3 T-shirts, a pair of sweatpants, a pair of shorts, a shirt & tie, a pair of cargo pants and 10 pairs of socks and skids (and access to a
  3. We had a new fitted kitchen put in last year. While doing so we had to make do without a kitchen and, as a result, we ended up with the fridge sat in the corner of the living room with a microwave oven sat on top of it. The missus hated the situation but I loved it. It was kinda like camping.
  4. I hate halfassed electrical stuff. My water heater controller snuffed it recently. Turned out the microswitch inside had burned out and, what's more, shorted out so the water heater was on permanently (switched on and off continuously by the thermostat, fortunately, so the tank didn't get pressurised and explode) which really racked up the leccy bill. Anyway, I ordered a new controller rated for 13amps and 3kw which is all well and good. However, when it arrived it turned out to be remarkably similar to the one that burned out so I took it to bits to have a look. Inside there's a po
  5. What you've been is busted for having a duplicate account.
  6. Translation: "I don't think the issues you mentioned are as big a deal as you're suggesting. I think this because...." I dunno if all the cool kids on your regular forum think it's clever to simply belittle other peoples opinions but around here we prefer a less antagonistic approach AND it really helps if you can support your own opinion with facts rather than just sarcastic comments. We clear?
  7. It never really took off. Something related to this happened to me a few years back. I got a hire car, drove it 400 miles and then, when I came to fill it up I could NOT get the damned nozzle to go into the filler properly. It went in but no fule would go in. As it was a company hire-car I just thought "Life's too short" and off-hired it empty and left my company to pay the obscene cost that hire-car companies charge for fuel. Later on I discovered it was some fancy new (at the time) kind of nozzle that you had to insert and then twist to lock it into place and allow fuel to flow.
  8. You know where to come when you want to moan after the battery goes flat cos your missus left one of the vanity lights switched on. Well, I've been driving hire cars every couple of weeks for nearly 20 years and as soon as I dump my bags in the boot I ALWAYS pop the bonnet, check the brake fluid, coolant, washer fluid and look for spark plug leads. Just saying, like.
  9. Fair comment. It's more a turn of phrase than an absolute truth though. I used to be quite involved with boats, including moving them around on the roads. Often used to irk me when, as you're trundling a 30ft powerboat up a street towed by a tractor, some twunt would start down the road from the opposite end, knowing full-well that there wasn't going to be room to pass. Yes, the road might have had a "priority from other direction" sign on it but you weren't there when I started to drive along it. Just cos you've now appeared at the "priority" end of the street what do you expect me to
  10. FWIW, I didn't mean to start a "car vs bike" thing. When you're on a bike you pretty much assume every car driver IS going to act like a nob and you're never usually surprised. What bugs me is, as a pedestrian, drivers seem to treat you like you're scum. I know I shouldn't get in the way of cars but if there are no cars coming when I start to cross the road and then one roars up while I'm in the middle of the road it wouldn't kill them to actually use a little situational awareness, ease off the gas and give me chance to finish crossing before they arrive. Instead they remain at exactly
  11. Oooh, I got a house related one too. Timer for the immersion heater blew up the other week. Just got around to purchasing a replacement and went to fit it today. Thing is, as it turns out, that some f**king retard (who fitted my new kitchen last year) had decided to tile over the wiring and then, to top things off, built a row of fitted cupboards over the junction box. Having chiselled off half a dozen tiles (the missus wasn't happy about that) and then taken the cupboards off the walls again, it's become apparent that the whole malarkey could have been avoided simply by fitting the
  12. A trip into Dumfries has yielded a couple of worthy gripes. 1) Road signs. There's a bunch of small villages between me and Dumfries and they all now have those fancy LED signs which warn you to slow down if you're speeding. Pious and finger-wagging as that might be, what I find REALLY annoying is that the f**king things STILL flash messages at you if you're doing less than the speed limit. In a 30mph zone I found they all flashed "YOUR SPEED... 27MPH... STAY LEGAL" Oh, bloody marvellous. Do we really need signs on the roads to tell us when we're doing something right? Would it not b
  13. FWIW, it's not a case of hairy-chested machismo with me. It's simply a case of getting value for money. I used to buy and sell TZR125s and DT125s for £50-£100 as a kid. Hell, I bought a 1999 VW Golf for the missus to put shopping in for £850. In a world where you can buy an absolutely spotless Blackbird for £3k there's no chuffing way I'm spending more than £500 on a runaround. Given that all you'll get for £500 is a knackered bog-seat you might as well up the stakes a bit and get a half-decent CBR600 for about a grand. TBH, I don't do much in the way of short-distance commuting
  14. I remember when the price of a new DT125 first crept over £1,500 and thought it was bonkers. A mate of mine has just flogged an R-reg CBR600 for £600 and replaced it with a mint Blackbird he bought for £3k. I know fuel economy and maintenance should be factored in but there's so many dirt-cheap middleweights around these days that I'd probably never be able to force myself to buy a little bike again.
  15. Would you consider living on microwave meals just cos cooking a proper dinner is sometimes a hassle? FWIW, I don't really buy into the whole "unreliable" thing. The main difference is that a Bike like a Guzzi (or my Ducati) will usually let you know it's feeling poorly and then leak fuel, oil or electricity from somewhere to tell you why it's sick. By contrast, a Honda will just sit there and stubbornly refuse to run without giving you the vaguest hint of why. I currently have an R1 at my disposal and it's positively schizophrenic. Sometimes it goes like stink and other times it
  16. A speedo is a legal requirement. As a rule, lots of guys who build rat-bikes tend to use those magnetic speedomabobs designed for pushbikes. They're good for 100mph or more.
  17. Slightly bemused by new forums.

  18. I don't reckon Arnie needs to knock himself out making the boards look like the old ones. It's kinda nice having a "new look" IMO. A bit more styling in the headers and stuff would be nice but it all looks kinda fresh IMO.
  19. And yet, by contrast, don't we all cheer when somebody manages to sue a local council when a pothole causes damage to a car? TBH, I'd certainly consider suing my local council if I tripped over the pavement outside my house. They recently dug up the pavement to install new gas pipes and then re-laid it all in a pathetically shoddy manner. As a result of their failure to lay hardcore, a watercourse, sand and then compact it all properly rain has eroded the backfill and, after 6 months, the pavement now looks like a scale model of the cairngorms. If I did trip over and break an ankle
  20. Not too sure about that. The issue is that when something's left to an individuals discretion they can be liable for anything that occurs as a result of their decision-making. By contrast, if they follow rules it's much harder to find cause to prosecute anybody. It's an interesting point about taking legal action as a result of negligently poor behaviour. It might be nice to see a "class action" brought against either the police or a local authority for some failing, although I suspect proving negligence might be something of a minefield. FWIW, I don't agree with the whol
  21. Alas, directives like that offered to firemen aren't really worth the paper they're written on. The first time somebody survives but isn't happy and decides to sue the fire service some lawyer will show that the fireman isn't (for example) qualified to decide if it's safe to move an injured person or not, win their client a wheelbarrow full of money and, as a result, more restrictive directives will be enacted.
  22. None of which recognises the requirement for simple politeness. .... which IS a requirement on this forum.
  23. It concerns me when people talk about stuff like teaching "financial economics" in schools. For example, one bank is now claiming to be "helping" kids learn about money by sending financial advisors into a heap of schools around the country. Am I the only one who thinks this is a cynical play to gain customers rather than a genuine attempt to teach financial savvy? What's next? Computer studies sponsored by Apple? Engineering Workshop sponsored by Nissan? Cookery sponsored by Birdseye? All seems a bit dodgy to me. Needs to be independant and objective.
  24. Maybe it's a coincidence or maybe Nestle (or whoever) are trying to take over the world but I got a splinter in my tongue off a Feast the other day. I had exactly the same chain of thoughts:- 1) OWWWW! 2) Hmmm, surprising this hasn't happened before really. 3) Who the f**k decided it was clever to make lolly sticks out of wood anyway? Anyway, todays moan:- Stupid computer users. Just spent an afternoon reinstalling Vista on my sister-in-laws laptop.... ....and then burning YET ANOTHER bloody disk full of all the drivers it needs. Is it really SO hard to keep the OS disk
  25. I read this and thought "This guy has got to be under 20".
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