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  1. transist

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Some delicious pendulum.
  2. hooray for a fellow Seattlite! :P

    Do you play pick up games or at Evergreen? or Tacoma? i'm trying to find an indoor field & failing :(

  3. You scratched it already

  4. transist-kun, hey transist-kun. Whatever happened to your Halo game?

  5. what picture is Qhs talking about?

  6. lol seriously you win internets for that "painful" screencap. Everytime I see it I lulz.

  7. OH SHIAT! Its today!

  8. Remember remember the fifth of november.

  9. i really havent been home today. Going home to home since it was my cousins wedding. Also, I barely turn off my computer. =P

  10. no they be stealin mah lulz

  11. You laugh, you lose.


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