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  1. From like 3 threads ago, don't yell at me.

  3. You fail it. Caption a screenshot of a website? Please. Find a better picture.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I got it on now. I just clamped in the sides and tightened it as tight as physically possible. Needless to say it's dug in very firmly now. IMO the scope configuration is just perfect. The high mount brings the scope right up to my eye and allows me to use the irons as well. The scope stays because I don't want to buy another and frankly I think its an awesome scope. So there. =P
  5. I'm now a proud G3 owner. I just hate the claw mount. Cheap ACM mount + soft marui plastic = GAH I'm having trouble getting it to stay hooked on. They keep slipping. Any advice?
  6. the point --> . . . . . (this is the whoosh area) . . . you --> x And just to be an *beep*, yes, but kids waving around airsoft guns have been shot by police officers. Even in games you could potentially lose teeth or an eye. I'm sure the liberal media could make it sound more dangerous than cancer.
  7. Yeah I totally know what you mean. I just don't understand those people that 'airsoft' either, it seems like a dangerous way to compensate for a small penis.
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