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  1. I'm guessing we'll see a GHK G19 then another Glock variant, most probably a G34 before branching out into any other models. Sig M17/M18 seem the most logical though a 1911 would be cool.
  2. Another exquisite build. Very nice.
  3. That's odd. I heard from them yesterday that they have just received a load in and would be shipping them next week.
  4. General consensus seems to be, don't pre order anything from Octagon Airsoft.
  5. Two different companies making the same niche gun so close to each other? Seems unlikely. Probably the same guns with a license slapped on them.
  6. Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of options for Aug stuff. Evike seems to be one of the few places that stock Aug barrels https://www.evike.com/products/29312/#pagetabs Or this place in Canada https://www.herooutdoors.com/jg-full-metal-outer-barrel-inner-barrel-set-for-aug-series-airsoft-aeg-rifles/ I believe @Hedganian is the man to go to for Aug info.
  7. You made it to Popularairsoft https://www.popularairsoft.com/news/vipertech-gbbr-colt-lmgdiemaco-lsw
  8. 32°C outside. 31°C inside. Yep. Far too hot. 🥵
  9. Good overview here https://web.archive.org/web/20140921195333/http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/ReviewDetail?reviewID=190
  10. Photos are working now. Here's a link to your G34 build - Is that a Pro Win VN WA mag in the background I spy? I don't suppose you have any spare ones looking for a new home do you?
  11. I thought I recognized that avatar. Good to see you're still around RM. Cool build.
  12. Anything under the sticker on the magwell? Though the reverse is blank. Shame.
  13. Oh wow. That furniture looks clean. Very cool.
  14. I thought that too but KA has trades. Are they available without trades? There are also slight differences. Plus, €540 for a KA Galil? Pretty steep...
  15. Yeah. That's fair enough. It's just such a brutal sound. I'm sure it would keep heads down in a sea of AEGs.
  16. That drum mag looks and sounds amazing. Would you consider building them to order/small batches?
  17. Right. It's just your pricing seems really off for a one off, bespoke product and I was wondering if you had actually gone through with a slide and determined you could definitely do them at that price point.
  18. Do you have any photos of the machined end result?
  19. AKM release date is the 15th of July.
  20. CYMA is coming out with a clone (assumed) of TMs SGR-12 AES sometime in December 2021. £255 as of the time of this post. CM.102 Electric Shotgun [CYMA] (taiwangun.com)
  21. Welcome. We do have a classified section if you scroll about half way down the page index. I believe that is open to newly registered users now as it used to be locked behind a 100 post count.
  22. Nothing more specific than summer 2021.
  23. I'd be shocked if any of the guns used in that big pile of *suitcase* film weren't airsoft. Also, I imagine this is down to poor lighting causing a reflection on the front of this P226 near the end in the helicopter but it kind of looks like they didn't get all the red paint off the front.
  24. Sounds like the AKM release date will be announced next week and it will pretty much be ¥60K which right now is around £390 Japan street price.
  25. Probably because they're not M4s 😄 I think it comes down to popularity. There just isn't a market for the TM AK stuff.
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