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  1. Bareknuckle's reaction to the KRISS weight concerns, a play in three acts. Act I: Hey what's going on in this thread? I remember back in the day when Madbull was supposed to be working on one of these and one of my teammates was hellaz stoked about it. He even showed me the Future Weapons episode about it and everything. *fruitcage* Super-V recoil reduction systems, how do they work? Hmmm... People seem to be having a lot of discussion about excessive weight. It can't be that bad. The thing's tiny! Act 2: As a real 'MURICAN (these colors don't bleed!), kilograms don't
  2. I wonder what kinds of tightbore this is compatible with. Does it seem like a Marui glock tightbore would work?
  3. Hey, uh... is this a KSK rail on this new SRC G36k? I know a lot of people in this thread have been waiting for one for a long time. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=4878
  4. Hey, if Vince with Slapchop can make a pile of tuna fish salad sparkle, you can make an AKSU sparkle. I actually thought the effect was pretty cool. I think the Bulgarians have a 7.62 AKSU, but I think it uses an underfolding stock and a milled receiver. I always thought that would be a fun airsoft project.
  5. Plus, the TM AK-47S stock is known to break very easily. So far, only the Realsword Type 56-1's stock is the only AK underfolder known to be sturdy and reliable to any degree.
  6. Ah, seeing an AKSU with a POSP on it reminds me of playing America's Army as the Indigenous Forces. Ah, good times. I never did complete the special forces training missions... Oh, have you noticed any less accuracy from your AKSU compared to a full-sized AK? I'm thinking about getting one, but I'm wary about skirmishing in a woodland environment with a Mp5-G36c length barrel.
  7. There's that nice SIG again. Best pistol I've ever seen. Ever. I mean, a black pistol with just a few chrome accents where it counts? And wood grips too? Classy.
  8. Apparently, right now. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=26083 http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=26082 They're not quite the same models that Guns N Guys are selling, but they're the first examples of the G&P M4 GBBs I've found on redwolf. I think they're a lot cooler myself, but of course, they're more expensive.
  9. Just out of curiosity, why exactly wouldn't it work? I mean, is it a realism problem with the JLS model that I can expect to be fixed with the G&G model, or do real FN2000s and SCARs require different models of EGLM? How is an EGLM mounted on an F2000 different from an EGLM mounted on SCAR anyway? Looking closer, I can see that the current airsoft EGLMs have the magwell grip thingy for the SCAR while all the ones I see mounted on real FN2000s do not. Is that the only problem?
  10. Oh, well, serious modding isn't one of my specialties, and the JLS isn't that good of a gun anyway, so I don't think I'll bother.
  11. I have a quick FN-related question. Since the EGLM is the grenade launcher than the FN2000 uses, do you think one could attach the STAR EGLM to the JLS FN2000?
  12. About that scope problem, is that an AK or SVD POSP? I remember hearing that they made specific versions for both guns, and that the rail mount on each type is slightly different.
  13. I'm going to have to agree! That's the most beautiful P226 I've ever seen!
  14. That custom grip is the coolest thing I've ever seen on a Desert Eagle.
  15. I have a question for a good friend of mine. He's a big Heroes fan and he wants to make an airsoft replica of the 2011s used by the company. Specifically, this one: http://sviguns.com/ph/?indx=134 I know you can't get one stock like that, but do the parts exist in airsoft to make one? I can't seem to find the right stuff.
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