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    -CA M15A4 Carbine Woodland-camo @M110
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  1. KK-pilot

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Yes it does weigh a ton. The front end is basically a big hunk of pot metal, so the gun is a bit nose heavy. I'd say the overall weight and balance makes it pretty similar to my realsteel AK. Remains to be seen whether this one begins to creak and wobble over time like the newer Cymas I've owned.
  2. KK-pilot

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Another JG Instantly swapped the wobbly flash hider for a Cyma 74 one. The cranestock was absolutely horrible, so that went also. This Dboys stock fits firmly. A bit of a warning about the mags, regular TM style won't fit. The one in the picture is a G&P after a simple mod.
  3. KK-pilot

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Dboys HK416. Brown Krylon as baselayer, Woodland Green stripes and OD on the top.
  4. KK-pilot

    Custom Gear

    M05 Combat Shirt, from a Miwo Military Jacket and Brit wicking T-shirt.
  5. KK-pilot

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Paraclete Plate Carrier w/ Cummerbund, SG Paraclete Double 9mm, SG Paraclete Small Utility Savotta M05 Canteen Pouch, OD Savotta M05 Double Magpouch, OD 2x Paraclete Double Magpouch, SG 3x Paraclete Large Bang Pouch (for FDF smokes) Spec Ops Brand Medical Pouch, OD (gonna replace it with a HSGI Bleeder pouch and make it a Haribo-storage pouch) Paraclete Hydration Pouch w/ Source 3L Quantico Supply Large Utility, OD CAT
  6. KK-pilot

    Custom Gear

    As requested, some pics of me wearing the LBV on my Photobucket account: http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x293/jimmy_firestone/ I'll take some new pics displaying the LBV at our next photoshoot, hopefylly I've got the loadout finished by then.
  7. KK-pilot

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    My lover from last summer. Sprayed with Krylon OD and Dark Brown, gotta' get her a chinese replacement soon and try to replicate the paintwork.
  8. KK-pilot

    Custom Gear

    Hmm, haven't posted thiese here yet.. Because I love my LBV, and I wanted also to carry SAW boxmags with it I decided to order some 1000D OD Cordura and start working. I'm quite happy with the outcome, though it's still missing couple of 9mm mag pouches, a SDU-5 strobe pouch, Bianchi M9 Knife Sheath, a pace counter and an ALICE radio pouch. Removed the frag pouches and added an ALICE-slot under the integrated compass/first aid pouch, so I can mount the Bianchi knife sheath through it. A RAID-modded DCU-top I made some time ago and sold later. I made a Woodland BDU-top just like the DCU and sold it too. I've also modded the Woodland-top I use myself but w/o velcro. I'll propably be pimpin' some BDU tops in the future as well for sale.
  9. KK-pilot

    Videos Thread !

    http://www.tarkkailija.net/reportaasit/ske...eportaasi-cds5/ Some video and pics from last weekends Charlie Don't Surf 5-milsim scenario game from here in Finland. (Not my material though..) I even got into one of the pics.

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