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  1. Cam Keo SOC16

    My Rifles.

    My airsoft replicas.
  2. Cam Keo SOC16


    From the album: My Rifles.

  3. Cam Keo SOC16


    From the album: My Rifles.

  4. Cam Keo SOC16


    From the album: My Rifles.

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  5. Cam Keo SOC16

    G&G SOC16.

    From the album: My Rifles.

    G&G SOC16- Prometheus High Torque Gears Prometheus Piston Prometheus POM piston head Prometheus 6.03 tightbore Prometheus MS120 Prometheus Soft Type Bucking. Prometheus Ball Bearing Spring Guide CA 7MM ball bearing bushings Reinforced G&G Tappet Plate. This is my Primary rifle, because I play the role of Marksman/Scout on my Squad. It shoots amazing, and if I can see it, I can most likely hit it.

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