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  1. WIP CAG Glock KSC G17 PGC slide Silverback Glock series red dot adapter Element MRDS(ordered a RMR, received MRDS...life and lemons, right?) G&G threaded barrel(needs a ton of fitting work, not impressed at all) CM Surefire X300 clone.
  2. Latest pic of my humble collection. G&P SPR Snow Wolf M82 Inokatsu M60 AY BAR Echo1 M240 CA based Mk48 G&P Mk46 3x KWA MP7 AGM 416 VFC Mk18 MOD 1 Hurricane based SWAT carbine CAW M79 Guarder M4A1 G&P Mk18 G&P/Guarder AK47 TM 1911 with Guarder kit KWA Mk23 Not pictured: CA SR25 A&K Mk43 CA Mk46
  3. I'm not sure if I'll get 600 FPS, bit it will be near that. I don't know if the bearing is 4mm, but I recall from somewhere that was the size. And yes, the plastic plunger is pushing down on that bearing. I may need to trim the plunger down just a hair to allow the use of lighter bbs. Shooting Guarder .40s is fun, but it gets expensive.
  4. The 190 is just a bit longer. It extends into the flash hider about half an inch. The barrel I am waiting on is 370mm and will extend through a VFC suppressor, powered by a field bolt. If the performance I got from a CQB bolt and a 190mm barrel scales in a linear fashion, I should be able to shoot Australia from North America. If my calculations are correct. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/a-studio-hop-up-assistant-device-for-ksc-kwa-gbb-system.html This is the bearing I am using. I do not use the collar, but the bearing fits perfectly into the indentation in the MP7's hop rubber.
  5. 373 with a .20 on propane.
  6. Sorry for the delay in responding. Real life got in the way of BBwarz, unfortunately. Chrono reading on my KWA MP7 with CQB bolt and A+ Studio bucking/barrel was 373 FPS +/- 1. I fired 5 rounds, taking 5 seconds between each. The same setup with a field bolt was getting 421 FPS. I am waiting on another barrel/bucking combo for my other KWA MP7. I will take pictures during the process and be sure to post them here to show how I install the bucking and bearing. So far I have fired ~30 magazine through and the weapon seems to be wearing in a bit. I have had to click the hopup one "cli
  7. Apologies for the earlier link. I had to figure out how to post pictures without using photobucket.
  8. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g225/ndfirespider/May2013.jpg~original SF inspired MK48 gunner kit. Was taken post game, so the vest isn't sitting right. Base is AWS Inc. OCPC.
  9. The hop spacer is a 4mm ball bearing that sits between the hop rubber and the pastic nub. I broke it down last night and found that the spacer is actually applying hop regardless of how much tension is applied to the nub. I am going to sand about 2mm off of the nub today and see if I can shoot .30s out of this thing. Shooting .40s is fun, but I can't afford to play 2x a week shooting .40s. I haven't chronoed the weapon yet. I am taking my M240 in for some work today, so I'll take the MP7 as well to get a reading on velocity.
  10. Wondering if anyone else had similiar results when upgrading.... I installed A+ Studio's 190mm tightbore and bucking to my KWA MP7 along with a 4mm ball bearing to act as a hop spacer. With my CQB bolt and hop turned all the way off, I am consistantly hitting opposing players at 70 yards (measured with laser) with a flat trajectory using Guarder .40s and propane. Obviously, this far exceeds my expectations. Is this par for the course with these parts or did I accidentally perform black magic?
  11. Didn't have any issues with my LM4's delta ring. G&P, Element and RS KAC RIS all fit like a glove. Only issues I've had is with double feeding jams. Once I stopped loading 41 rounds, that stopped. Operator error. I'm getting 50 yards flat level flight with Bioval .30s on propane with a maximum 1-2 foot horizontal variance and maybe 6 inches vertical at that range. 2-3 round bursts are easy to put on target and I can get 3 full magzines fired on one gas fill. Overall, I'm very happy with my LM4. It does need lubed thoroughly out of the box, and the barrel needs cleaned before
  12. The reason that people don't buy Tk twist barrels is because they are a marketing gimmick. Somewhere in Taiwan, Tanio Koba is laughing smugly into the sunset as he drives off in the luxury car you ding-a-lings bought him. Physics doesn't lie, or get fooled by marketing. People, especially those with product to move, do. When you can show the science behind the TK barrel to be anything more than imagination and horse feces, I'll be the first to apologize and buy one for both you and me. Mods, I apologize for hijacking the thread, but such blatant and malicious ignorance cannot be i
  13. He's just asking that you not make wild claims that lack empiracal evidence of existance. Those wild *albatross* claims are what set this, a quality board, apart from places like Airsoftforum and Airsoftretreat. It has been proven repeatedly that the TK barrels are inferior to a properly tuned AEG with tightbore. Check ASM and other reputable boards and see for yourself.
  14. If you've got anymore A2 receiver kits in that spares box of yours.... Neat gun. I think it may be the only JP front end mated to an A2 upper I've ever seen.
  15. Great seller, great communication. I've bought twice, and would again in a heart beat.

  16. Great photos Azn. It's probablly a good thing you got that receiver instead of me. I was going to butcher the hell out of it trying to add a 9mm shell deflector.
  17. Fantastic. Thanks a bunch. That full length black slide looks great with the tan lower. I bet it will look really nice with my MEU slide!
  18. Could we see the 4.3 frame with a standard 1911 slide please?
  19. Special Forces is right...Special Ed to be out in that cold anyways... 5 degrees fahrenheit with winds gusting to 25 knots...I'm really suprised we had the turnout we had. Looking good on the loadout though. Did you ever find your glove?
  20. Vic, that Desert Rat is going to be pretty nice. Got a parts list? The silencer especially?
  21. PM Guiness. I think that was his, and it was a cleaning rod similar to how the VN timeframe GIs did.
  22. The top 2 are straight Chinasoft. The M4 has a CA based gearbox and a 2Roy M203, but other than that both are 100% cheap chinese, including the ACOG. The M4 is Dboys, the 733 is JG. The SAM-R is G&P externals(FN marked receiver FTW!), with a King Arms pistol grip and bipod, and ACM M3 replica. There are also Surefire rail armor units on the top and bottom rails. Internals are Systema drop in M120 box with Prometheus Piston, cylinder head and nozzle. The hopunit is a G&P (for now) with a Prometheus bucking and tightbore. Built this thing from the ground up, upon which Redwolf deci
  23. Can't edit... That ebaybanned scope is not the same one. The Vanaras has has the actual Trijicon type reticle and iron sites.
  24. Pics will be up Monday night. I'm working 12 hour shifts from 6pm to 6am all weekend. Sorry folks, just going to have to wait.
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