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  1. I just figured out this is airsoft facebook. *Facepalm* I literally thought the only way people could view the things I wrote is if they went to my profile... Oh Arnies, y u go change?

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    2. hwagan
    3. FireKnife


      Damn you and your likes, why isn't there a 'i *fruitcage* hate this' button? :P

    4. hwagan
  2. My bad rep is because I made fun of the guys who take their gear way too seriously. Apparently, they get butthurt about it.

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    2. FireKnife


      When you care about your internet ratings then you need to un-plug, go outside, take a deep breath and go for a walk :P

    3. Troubadour


      Was not even aware that anyone read these things. I only posted it on my account so people who looked at my sales threads knew why I had a bad rating, so they knew it wasn't from shady dealings. I don't honestly care what a single member of an airsoft forum cares of me outside of that.


    4. Troubadour


      And thats not to sound all "I am a loner dottie, a rebel" like. I full well understand the uselessness of internet ratings. Once again, I was just clarifying so no one thought that I did shady dealings. I am an *albatross*, but not the kind that *fruitcage*s people out of money, is what I am getting at.

  3. Oh, wow... We have status' like facebook. Seriously guys?

  4. I wore them starting at the top of my head (the back center of the head) and then slanting downward over the ears and they stayed pretty well and I was comfortable in them.
  5. Also, Kalmar, I am 21 and I live on my own. I bet you can't say the same.

  6. Right, I am an immature douche who is jealous because my mother won't buy me nice things. I have and have had plenty of gear and airsoft replicas. I don't need and never have needed my mom to buy me *suitcase*. No, I am not anti-airsoft, I am just against all the idiots who post on these forums. The posers, the ignorant, and the all the other douches.

  7. No, he is just another immature douche - jealous because his mommy won't buy him the nice things he sees on the internet.

  8. I wasn't calling every owner of a RRV and CIRAS an idiot. I was just saying it was the more common one and therefore more idiots own one. I wasn't talking about the people who have put together a good CIRAS or RRV, more so about the guys that run a black CIRAS with twenty-seven shingles and a punisher patch. It was more so just me being very ###### off that my thread got completely raped by Hoppum and that its ###### that RAVs cant have their own thread, because obviously they are much rarer to see and I made it because I didnt feel like sifting through thousands of CIRAS/RRVs to find the
  9. My KA M4 SPC (WIP) I still need a battle-light, a miad grip, and a new stock.
  10. Hey thanks for taking my thread and ###### on it. The whole entire spirit of the thread that I created was to keep it to Paraclete goodness only and keep out all the riff raff of *suitcasey* plate carriers. Its very hard to find pictures of other airsofters with RAVs and that is usually because of the two-million idiots with RRVs and CIRAS's. Thanks though, in your infinite wisdom you just managed to make this thread cluttered with junk. You took a good thread, with good conversation about Paraclete RAVs and made it into another *suitcasey* thread that clutters these forums. Would it
  11. My new baby, just got it a week ago. I am really happy with it and besides putting a crane-stock on it, nothing will change. Well, except for a tango-down battle grip and a small possibility of an 11.5" barrel.
  12. Still gotta buy some things ,but its almost done. Also, does anyone else have a problem with Hurricane 553 qd's sitting crooked on the rail?
  13. I never said you didn't, just suggested it sounded like you didn't. If you served than you should know that everyone tucks their laces in, because if they didn't they ran the chance of falling on their face.
  14. Does anyone have any pictures of Coyote Brown and Polish Pantera together?
  15. Just got it today, very quick and without any problems. I am still waiting on my boots and goggles from BOTACH and still have to order some cammies. Gotta keep FAPSEC here... As much as I hate taking action photos when there is ridiculous *suitcase* in the background, I did anyways. And no I haven't showered yet. I literally woke up to the RAV and have been fiddling with it since.
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