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  1. *gaffs* then *murmurs* but just as a warning
  2. Point being, The Badger doesn't care. Your both wrong. He just likes making trouble
  3. And yes he knows that Vader said it not the emperor, he doesn't care.
  4. Not only was it already posted (by The Badger) but it was also made by The Badger! But he forgives you, for he is... merciful
  5. poor poor fool. You should know better than to buy a g&g.... although The Badger's is working quite well atm, it still was NOT worth the price.
  6. That - tape + Sig550 + ridiculously large scope = pure winnage. The Badger tried doing it to a g36 mag once, many good men lost their lives in the process and it still didn't work. (note to all attempting this, Cthulhu either doesn't exist, or isn't interested in human sacrifices at this time.)
  7. The Badger's not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but he was messing around with on of the part stripped CA36's he has lying around and he noticed threading on the elevation adjustment of the carryhandle scope. Curious, he naturally tried to screw stuff into only to find that the bolts used to attach the RIS panels to the handguard fit perfectly. with a small application of paper it makes a very cheap alternative to buying a new carry handle with an RIS preinstalled. Hes beginning to suspect that people already know this however...
  8. If you put a ksk rail on that you win 1000 virgins. (The Badger cannot be held responsible for any bitching and moaning on the part of the virgins, being locked in a cellar for fifty years can do that to you)
  9. The Badger would point out that insects ARE animals, they sure as hell ain't plants, fungi, Protista, or Prokaryota.
  10. Put simply, The Badger hates this thing, although it does look strangely good for a Dragon pistol....
  11. The Badger will say this up front, he HATES his RK 104, it has given him nothing but trouble and is quite frankly the bane of his existence, not counting of course pterodactyls. Well he just got it back from AEX today, another $30 spent on jammed trigger mech.... In his undulating rage he decided to fix up its paint job which had originally been a hideous forrest green to a more "tactical" olive drab, he got bored so only did one coat, but he still feels that the B**ch is worth mentioning. and yes, that is a tiny little Badger head on the side of the receiver... d
  12. The Badger just got his RK104 back from AEX today and gave it a celebratory coat of OD, and out of boardem and general loathing, he also attacked his old WE dragon. And yes, hes aware that its messy and in no way compare to the mastery of pressured paint that is souske and bikerex, but its good enough for him... for now....
  13. Your Gun Asplode! on a serious note, The Badger is saddened, no gun should asplode that easily.
  14. MOAR LIES! not that comrademp1 could have known... The Badgers rk is a.... Broom! wait, thats not right, no its a version whatever came out in august of last year and had tightbore barrels stock. If he's correct that still the modern version of them? Hes sure that if you spent enough time pandaring it an RK would be the perfect gun, but he sees no reason to start with an RK if your going to do that, its just more work. (unless you really need a bolt that badly )
  15. *swings through a window* NOOOOO! The Badger bought an rk104 about eight months ago and has nothing but trouble with it. stock tangs broke(who makes an AK receiver out of magnesium?!??), spring broke (it snapped inside the gun), wiring burned out, hop up rubber shredded, doesn't fit any of The Badgers AK mags apart from a CA highcap, and its smells funny. The ONLY good thing about it was the bolt. It is quite possibly the worst gun he has ever owned. Now off to fight the evils of teenage sobriety! *swings back out*
  16. The Badger likes candymans pic, but would suggest leather gloves if he's going for the hitman look.
  17. A weapon not fit for use on mortals, The Badger presents the RPCS-7
  18. Yes, The Badger uses a slide on one, it takes some force to get one, but does fit. You may have to file down either the rail or the insides of the grip (or just push really hard, your used to that )
  19. Let the $500 The Badger saved by buying the JG buy beer! He will admit though that Bloodsword's gun looks nice.
  20. Well The Badger would have used "natures adhesive" but it breaks down in air in less than an hour, so instead he covered a picture of a badger face (ego much?) with superglue and stuck it over the trades. a year later, he tried to remove it... and failed (see above). The only thing that could remove it now is a falcon punch.
  21. Yeah, The Badger broke his within an hour of buying it... he then thought of putting a side rail ontop of the receiver in the space between, but its a bit too long, maybe he'll cut one down to fit...
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