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  1. Army Bday game at Blue Cloud ranch was amazing

  2. yup exactly it. I was taking these pix at night and my room is too small to get a good pic. My team likes to call my sr25 the mini barret.
  3. tm hicapa 4.3 with sd metal slide and insight torch.
  4. thought the silencer was ironic on there
  5. thought this looked interesting:
  6. tm soc 16+nitro ras kit+aimpoint+ca socom silencer + lots of internal stuff.
  7. i do too. like you have no idea! But Im going to wait for VFC's. and so im not spamming:
  8. I don't have any black mags unfortunately, but I popped in one of my classic army grey midcaps into my vfc scar. Here you go: and for comparison, with the Tan MAG-brand magazines. Dark Earth looks better but tans look decent. And yes, i kinda like my black grip pod (which is really comfortable on the SCAR btw) and eotech on the scar. To me , with the rails, the SCAR almost has a two-tone thing going on. Maybe I should have gotten a black SCAR? But then it wouldn't match my CRYE MULTICAM! (j/k). The black scars + acog = teh s3x though.
  9. you know i was thinking of using mesh to point my soc as well (albeit it with different colors) and im glad you posted those pix, cuz now i know how awesome it looks! gj
  10. I think its awesome. And yes you can still use the iron sights, but if you wanted to put an aimpoint/acog/eotech, etc,... you're going to need a high mount / cantelever mount. I'm not 100% sure about how to answer your size question, but here is a link to the exact one i have that is being sold off ebay click me
  11. My G&P Red/Green dot scope is missing on that raped socom16 (haven't gotten it in the mail yet) and I haven't acquired my VFC SCAR yet either, but the other guns are pretty much done. Specs are in my profile.
  12. so my soc 16 is back from the shop after getting a lot of internal work done. I finally got to shoot it today and wow , the accuracy is just amazing on m14's, and i can only imagine how the range is with the full version. i'll get pix up when im done getting all the parts I want
  13. i'm going too. I actually tried to zero it in over the weekend and the peq does get in the way a little bit. I already ordered a high mount that looks sexay. and Thanks
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