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  1. The Flyye 1961a is a replica of the London Bridge Trading 1961a chest rig, a piece of gear that is popular with SEAL teams. It is a unique and great chest rig, but the $250 price tag will make most airsofters think twice about purchasing it. Thus comes the Flyye 1961a. Priced at about $80 after shipping, it is an attempt at an affordable alternative to the more expensive LBT version. The low price point makes it perfect for the airsofter not looking to spend a fortune on his or her loadout. Now onto the rig itself... The Flyye 1961a is made out of 1000 denier Cordura, a tough material tha
  2. Most annoying comment ever. (Not directed at an individual)
  3. And you know this for sure from a BACK view of a lid? Yeah...
  4. Looks good... but really really over the top.
  5. 1st shooter- It is an ABA vest, of course he did not make it.
  6. I'd kill for that revolver. Do you feel lucky Romulus?
  7. Real ones are totally worth it Where did you get the nape pad Mints?
  8. G19 is what I've mostly seen in pictures
  9. None. They are not tactical weapons
  10. Yes they do. Just have to drill it.
  11. If you do not mind my asking, what kind of watch is that?
  12. Great write up! I'll have to try this out sometime.
  13. "More an assault weapon...?" WTF? One is an AK-47, the other is an AKM
  14. Thanks, you've just convinced me to buy one
  15. Damn Render, those are some sweet drawings! Are they mostly hand drawn on your tablet? (I'm a GFX noob but would like to get into such cool things)
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