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  1. Well not feeling hits isn't an issue when the gun is putting out ~9 J, getting less energy was the whole point behind the idea. Quality wise it depends which ones you buy. TM make .12g BBs, (link), these SMK ones are also probably fine, especially for a shotgun.
  2. Not being funny, I think you need to get a new job. Like every other post you're complaining about it. I'm all for being proactive but some companies are populated by idiots to such a degree that it's better just to get out.
  3. Really? I'd say it was super practical. I could hang a few off those off my webbing easily. It's a great idea actually, never thought of that.
  4. No that's not super clear from the post I feel...
  5. However, the one you posted a picture of has a belt mount on it
  6. I remember as far back as high school thinking that the whole IT Paperless Office thing was a misnomer, the first thing they made us do with all our ICT work was print it out! I also like less computer savvy people printing out emails to show you.
  7. You bang on about pinned mags all the time, I gotta ask: how often do you take your mags apart? I almost never disassemble mine, how they're held together is largely academic.
  8. What are they supposed to do? Just leave it? Pot shots from a distance?
  9. Yeah the hicapa won't fit in a serpa for a different reason, the square trigger guard.
  10. Oh, I think they're kinda cool. I don't think I'm the only one either...
  11. I think he is talking about the DW, look at the full thread.... (doesn't really matter though)
  12. Indeed. If you're not smart enough to know when it's safe to cross a road, use the marked crossings. The rest of us with more than four brain cells are managing just fine.
  13. Yes if you undo those 2 screws and take the rail off it will fit in a SERPA yes, as it's bascially just a 1911 at that point. I wouldn't buy the serpa from that link though, it's £28 before shipping and import tax and stuff, I'd order it from UKTactical (link). It'll end up being cheaper overall and way less hassle.
  14. The WE won't fit a serpa any more than the TM will, the TM is the better gun. You could always make a kydex holster for it yourself? The manual is here (TM website + Google translate).
  15. Windows 8 is fine, a lot of fuss about nothing imo. I got it a few weeks ago with my new PC and tbh it's barely different from 7. It may be because it knows that mine's a desktop computer but it booted to the desktop by default and I literally never see the 'squares' interface. For me it's a faster, better Windows. I like it.
  16. Anyone getting the spam PMs from 'Tianyli2014'?

    1. Habakure


      Kind of interested as to what the messages were about? Or is it 'nudge nudge wink wink' kind of messages . . . . .

    2. Stuey


      nothing as exciting as that I'm afraid:


      Dear Stuey,


      Glad to contact you in this forum!

      We supply airsoft gun with good quality and very competitive Market.

      You can order online easily via



      Recommend new stuff:

      Thunder B grenade




      Airsoft Kar98k Gas Rifle



      Best Regards

      Hans Lee





    3. Habakure


      Wow. You're absolutely right. That is one boring *albatross* message. At least the porno ones try to spice things up a little. . .

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  17. Man, Airsoft Zone are fast! 20 minutes from ordering to despatch, next day delivery. Pretty happy/impressed.

  18. Nope sorry, having a USB cable dangling out of my tablet is not an acceptable solution. I should be able to have the storage inside the damn thing without plugging extra stuff in
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