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  1. Not a great picture and not sure about the optics but still a good marui custom gbbr. The rifle is light, the trigger is quite nice, the prowin evo are really tight fit (i first thought they weren't compatible) and deliver more power than marui's mag but it's kinda mandatory because of a heavier bolt. I won't recommand as must have because of the price tag and we can built nice or nicer airsoft guns for cheaper.
  2. Marui and ksc, who's who: Safety on: Serial number: An other difference, marui nozzle can't move freely because of the extractor : Various: Detonator outer barrel, ugly good idea: Detonator kit is lighter than airsoft surgeon's, recoil is better with the ksc but slower so no difference on target practice. In game though... Nineball inner barrel is good, marui rubber is better than nineball?! nineball valve is kinda npas-like but not easy to set, nineball hammer spring is great for autonomy with marui slide, marui recoil spring is
  3. Could you try a 16" kit?
  4. High flow valve -> stronger hammer spring imho. Agree with im going to space though, only need one to move an heavy metal slide.
  5. Only If you have trouble to move back a metal slide. (Un)fortunatly only had this issue with my ksc mk23/hk45, none of my marui.
  6. Want something more specific? (i'm not a pro i know my pictures are bad)
  7. I switched my slide with the salient arms kit an evo hopup will come soon.
  8. Made in France: http://www.taprackbang.eu/
  9. What about nineball feather weight bbu? not bad for plastic stuff.
  10. The ris will fit, the barrel nut won't. You'll need this http://madbull.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=103
  11. You can buy this http://www.realsword.com.hk/produc_hj.htm
  12. France Must be 18. Airsoft guns have no legal definition but toys have 2joules limitation, over 2j a toy become a firearm so we use it within 2j limit (can be use over this limit with firearm rules). Import/export allowed but be careful with licences because of cybergun Le devil: http://airsoft.cybergunboutique.com/ Celcius/ptw specialist: http://www.powair6.com/ Spare parts: http://www.doct-airsoft.com/catalog.php Gbb specialist with nice custom gun: http://www.law-airsoft.com/fr/boutique Gbb specialist: http://www.airsoft-entrepot.fr/index.php?PHPSESSID=1c17f29b4fd2cdcf8c3f03c
  13. If i'm not mistaken realsword' scope is green and has low illumination level.
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