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  1. you should know from Battlefield that you cant mount a foregrip and a bipod at the same time
  2. Its airsoft if people fancy wood AKs its ok to use them they dont need all those "advantages" like lazors, reddots - it wont get them killed. Otherwise if anyone likes making AKs "better" more power to them. Its really funny seeing this debate in the AK thread every now and then.
  3. hehe this is some funny stuff (BTW. just a side note, this is airsoft guys, think about it)
  4. well grab a magnet and try if its steel
  5. Corrigan: there I fixed it
  6. I have a hunch that its custom
  7. got my hands on a AFG1/2 hybrid, its just an AFG1 without the side grip
  8. the roob - little inspiration for ya
  9. thats nice actually but I would liked it in a non blurred version, I dont why people think that blurring is so artistic
  10. And heres how the camopaint looks against my gear
  11. This is my first paintjob, I was trying to match the czech Vz95 camo, which you can see in the background (backpack, jacket) Let me know if it looks similar
  12. well there is a varienty of CYMAs that are clones of TM/VFC/LCT system depends which model you have
  13. I love mine too, as for the difference the biggest (for me) is that you can use a large battery in the stock, nothing like running a good old NiCD LP
  14. his question was (very valid one) why is the law written like that not why is he painting the gun fluo
  15. well from what you are saying it appears you got the standart version and not the S one. The boxes are the same for both guns so maybe they just made a mistake. I would drop them an email explaining your problem with pics of the gun (maybe with a magnet next to the sight and gs block)
  16. ohoho, I dont know whats here to deal with, the USMC havent adopted any drum mag for the IAR especialy not the beta C mag. They gonna feed on standart 30 rounders. so yeah your gun is a 416 with a drum mag not an IAR, but whatever you wanna call it, your choice
  17. its produced by a czech company called "ALP" which sells gear to czech soldiers. The name of the vest is "ALP chestrigg" it is provided with two additional straps so when you remove the back part you can convert into a chestrigg. It was used by first czech soldiers deployed in afghanistan. Pouches are - 2x pistol mag personal / utility 2x canteen / universal 2x Vz.58 magazine pouch (each holds 2 mags, holds AK mags as well) uses a system called "spring-lock" (basically a metal hook on a bungee that secures it from opening) everything in standart czech Vz95 camo and as you mentioned
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