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  1. EatTheGras what rail system/base gun is that? I am looking for something similar for mine.
  2. What brand m4 buffer tube adapt or should I buy for an ak47 with a full stock? Also how difficult is the installation of one?
  3. I think I have owned at least 7 of Agent Hunk's chest rigs.
  4. I have been out of the game for a while and looking to get back in. For my ak104 do I need an adaptor for a suppressor or can anyone(specifically a tracer unit) just be plug and play?
  5. a person that was dead in a room was snapping some shots with his iphone, and just happened to get a real cool one of me as i crossed the doorway.
  6. I am struggling with the x47 series handgaurd. I am trying to decide it it would be easier to dremel it down a little to fit my redstar or just buy a junkyard cyma and slap the front end on.
  7. I am guessing its not TM capitable than
  8. I know this is a long shot, does anyone know if anyone makes the 20rd style mid cap for standard ak mags. Also, where can I source a 74 style 90 degree gas block without buying the whole shebang?
  9. Appslapp, you are starting to make me think airsoft in the states is *suitcasey* compared to Sweden.
  10. That looks like a happy family Jimmypie. I love my plain jane TM 226
  11. appslapp you AO looks awesome, are there water vehicles involved in your games?
  12. That's is a prime example of a kiss load out.
  13. you can beat the finish of a class wood m14
  14. How much does just the gold kit set you back?
  15. Would that little notch work for a sling mount?
  16. Well, I have seen some real steel ones with the tacitcool look on the 74 with the AKM slant on it and it looks just fine. But I guess beauty is in the eye of the behold right? Anyway would that real system fit on a TM style AK or is it just for the LCT/VFC bodies?
  17. I feel like this would look better with a slanted muzzle break rather than the 74 one.
  18. I always wanted a ND parka, but I hear the sizes are funny. They run huge apparently. I as well think they look pretty sweet.
  19. It was a cheap condor double stack shingle. But, didn't need all 6 slots so I just cut it. Its my ghetto BFG shingle.
  20. It is nothing fancy, just some random gear I had laying around until my Eagle RRV comes in, this will have to do. I couldn't deal with closed top pouches anymore so I threw this together right quick.
  21. Jimmypie, what kind of mount are you using to hold the torch on there?
  22. Do you guys use a sewing machine or do you it by hand?
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