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  1. is loving the new Disturbed album

  2. your google-fu is weak http://www.cpgear.com/
  3. MadMax: sorry I did not see the gloves in your picture only the water Out of curiosity what are the legal conditions of applying first-aid in other countries? In Canada we have the “Good Samaritans Act”. Witch says that as long as we perform to our standard* of care we are in no way liable if something goes wrong**. * standard of care: performing to the best of one’s training, not over or under. One example of this my NLS instructor gave was Mr. Bean doing CPR with his foot. Little bit extreme but it explains the situation. ** does not apply if we are at our place of employment,
  4. OK that’s another reason I did not think of.
  5. True but say that there is a head injury. Like say what happed yesterday to another player. Running to a trench he tripped and when face first in to the bank. His glasses gave him a nasty cut about 4cm long across his forehead. When I reached him there was blood all over the face. I would not have touched him without gloves.
  6. Why am I not seeing gloves? If you are taking any First Aid Course in Canada they will fail you for not putting on gloves. Gloves are an important thing to have. Do you want someone’s blood all over you hands if you may have little cuts or scrapes all over them? If you think that putting on gloves is going to make someone bleed out because you did not act fast enough. You tell the victim to put their hand on the wound and apply pressure while you take 10 seconds to put on gloves. As a lifeguard putting on gloves before coming in contact with the victim if blood is present is second nature.
  7. ya id be one the radio saying leave this guy alone A
  8. needs a c7a2 and a craptastic CF tacvest A
  9. um..1st shooter why do you have a glock IN your vest?? A
  10. Spartan is that a REAL FNP?? A
  11. goning to have to see if i can find that vid of us airsofting in a foot of snow. not good if all you have is tiger stripe. how ever ACU works great in the snow A
  12. OK good i dont need to get my glasses looked at A
  13. therd post second pic: is it jest me or is he missing his foresite
  14. are those the stock battery conectors? A
  15. "whimper" that is the exact rig i want!!! four more years!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  16. Sgt Crash you got a JG and put a real aimpoint on it????
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