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    i think 2003
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    currently have: VSR-10 G-spec, TM M4 RIS, KJ G23, metal slide, TM M14 socom

    used to have: WA Para ordance limited, TANAKA M40a1,KSC 2005 hardkick MK23 , G+P M203, G19 with silver polish metal slide, L96, TM MP5, M15 SPC, CAG36c, TM famas
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    lol sir
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    airsoft, metal, movies, MGS, gigs
  1. thanks so much guys, it worked
  2. i get this message when i click on anything o nthe site but i get the message after a few seconds of my computer freezing, everytime. A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. Script: http://cdn4.specificclick.net/img/?ag=2&pb=d4339&pg=&us=&nwk=1&rnd=500461:0 any ideas? virus? too cool for this site now? just dont know Jas
  3. ahhh geez that used to annoy me when he constantly lost walt and was shouting for him Jas
  4. a quick off topic... is it just me or does the head of the guy on the right looks like a smiley face? :S Jas
  5. omg... i love that so much.... seriously well done. i want one soo bad Jas
  6. kenshin9

    Guess The Gun

    sorry for quick hijack that gun is so nice.... damn it.
  7. what kind of name is calendar pot anyway?

  8. omg i fricken love it nice one i like it alot Jas
  9. what fron end is that? :S or is that just rail covers that look interesting? Jas P.S what is on the front end of the MP5 above my post?
  10. lol of course that what i was refering too filing down that bit in the mag thanks Jas
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