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  1. Just switched out my handguard with a bipod for this star AG36. Gun is CA. Next up is a modified star rail, mp7 flip up sites and an eotech.
  2. KWA USP .45 I got today.
  3. Cool blaster Phyeko. KWA USP .45 I got in the mail today.
  4. Very very simple desert kit, I love sniper kits because no pouches or anything are required to effectively run the gun.
  5. My two woodland kits. Pictures were taken in between games a few days ago. Was using the bar-10 kit all day though because mk43 doesn't work. Cheers
  6. Some new pictures of my old BAR-10:
  7. Good job! I'm glad it's back up been going through arnies withdrawal.
  8. Thanks a lot! Not too expensive either.
  9. Can any of you comms geeks help me ID this headset? They don't look like any model of sordins or comtacs to me.
  10. The *fruitcage* charity bell ringers that stand around all day in the middle of town clanging there bell and asking for change for orphans or something similar. I could do without the sound of a tolling bell all day outside my house.
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