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  1. Just switched out my handguard with a bipod for this star AG36. Gun is CA. Next up is a modified star rail, mp7 flip up sites and an eotech.
  2. KWA USP .45 I got today.
  3. Cool blaster Phyeko. KWA USP .45 I got in the mail today.
  4. Very very simple desert kit, I love sniper kits because no pouches or anything are required to effectively run the gun.
  5. My two woodland kits. Pictures were taken in between games a few days ago. Was using the bar-10 kit all day though because mk43 doesn't work. Cheers
  6. Some new pictures of my old BAR-10:
  7. Good job! I'm glad it's back up been going through arnies withdrawal.
  8. Thanks a lot! Not too expensive either.
  9. Can any of you comms geeks help me ID this headset? They don't look like any model of sordins or comtacs to me.
  10. It's easy enough just to remove the IMG tags and leave the link so it can still be viewed. OT: Jarhead, is that a airsoft magpul training area? Interesting idea.
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