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  1. Can i have one jk but really nice collection
  2. disgusting and awsome in one! can we get a pic with a mag in it?
  3. That's a cool pic in the bb's, im surprised ive never seen that before. Can we see it on the gun
  4. HOLY SHI- THAT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!11!!!! great photos too!
  5. oh i see pikhuinhas08 thanks!
  6. elchinator is that a jg skorp?
  7. You should add more red and it would be cooler imo
  8. For me its something about having the AP covers flipped up... it just makes it look sooooooooo good
  9. Do JG mags work with the new d boys 416 cause they dont with the dboys m4's
  10. Pics in gun! Pics in gun! Pics in gun!
  11. Just dont blow your balls off with that belt clip lol
  12. As to that vid, all the american shows are like that, always 1 uping their own guns. Kinda poopy
  13. Krait

    Unholy Fusions

    THAT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!1111!!11!!!!!!
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