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  1. rudysw2

    Radio Comms Thread

    Anyone know if the Battle Rhino EarCom headsets work with Element PTTs..?
  2. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Many thanks mate - greatly appreciated. I've given Guns n Guys a wide berth for a a few years because of their snotty attitude but Tokyo Model are a good bunch of blokes. I'm avoiding travelling to HK until well after the after Golden Week (trying my best to avoid the Mainland hordes ), so hopefully the TM version will have landed... Cheers
  3. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Thanks a lot mate - I'm hearing there's a bit of an MP7 drought in HK, though. Kevin from Toy Soldier suggested Den Trinity on the off chance and Ming from Spartan Airsoft said he hasn't seen any for a while...
  4. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Any HK-based lads have any idea if Den Trinity, or anywhere else in HK for that matter, have GBB MP7s in stock..? Cheers
  5. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    They were 2 weeks ago.
  6. rudysw2

    Custom Patch Orders

    BritKitUSA Custom Patch Orders
  7. rudysw2

    UKSF Loadouts

    The Auscam means nothing...
  8. rudysw2

    UKSF Loadouts

    Most news wires have them down as Kiwis. Don't quote me, but I believe they're tasked with rapid reaction duties in Kabul - quite a few pics of Kiwi SAS surfaced after a similar incident early last year...
  9. rudysw2

    UKSF Loadouts

    Nice work, Murta. I haven't run my Flyye RAV for a while and I'm on the verge of flogging it but you're giving me 2nd thoughts...
  10. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Anyone know which shops around Kwong Wah street stock Modify parts? Cheers
  11. rudysw2

    UKSF Loadouts

    Based on various sources, my attempt at Task Force 42 [minus day pack/grab bag]:
  12. Cheers re the positive comment mate :D

  13. rudysw2

    Pics of your Gear

    Nice kit, mate...
  14. rudysw2

    UKSF Loadouts

    No idea who these gents are, but it looks like they are wearing SOHPCs...

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