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  2. I've seen the TMC 6094 next to the Flyye version and there really wasn't a lot between them - the recent TMC stuff is a huge step forward from the old EBB cack (same people / different factory & materials) they used to churn out and they even use real Multicam Cordura these days. If TMC made the 6094 in Multicam, I'd seriously consider getting one at that price... The colour of the TMC 6094 in khaki was slightly off compared to the Flyye, but for a shade over 60 bucks, it's going to do you for an impression & skirmishing if you don't want to stump up the coin for Flyye or Pantac.
  3. Looks like it to me too, but I thought they don't fit on 2001s...
  4. Cheers re the positive comment mate :D

  5. rudysw2


    Fill yer boots, mate... Tons Of Auscam Stuff
  6. Bog standard 416, if you mean my picture...
  7. DPM / Multicam mix. There's a few out there if you look around...
  8. I'm gagging to to see what a UKSF 416 looks. Until then...
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