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  1. I would just like to say, i love my KWA MP7, its bloody rocks. 6 Mags all solid and no leaks! Tested out the new KM inner barrel, but i cant see tooo much change in accuracy/range tbh, looks about the same, maybe a bit better. The fps did go up approx. 50fps which is good as before with the npas i was only getting 300 fps fully closed, now it shoots 350 on the dot! As for range, tis amazing with 0.28g bb's, i noticed that the bio bb's (BioSphere) were infact better at feeding than normal bb's (I assume its due to the slightly smaller OD) compared with said guarder 0.28g bb's which i us
  2. well depends on your site limits, my scar shoots about 340fps with the standard barrel, perfect for woodland, but if you upgrade anything, then yea, you probably will need a npas!
  3. you buy them, e.g http://www.ebairsoft.com/mk141-dummy-p-3300.html
  4. Yes and no, sure they make alot of noise and spray out gas a bit, and if thats a problem buy a few bags of the magbull fill valves and replace the originals! Some people have had problems filling the mags but, being harsh, i wouldn't trust them with spooning food into their own mouths, too young to have a grasp on things. Its simple to fill the mags up, abeit if you know how, pistol adaptor and speedloader help and the guys at Pro-win show you what to do with nice videos. Also the Pro-wins look better than the G&P's!
  5. What do you mean you 'blew' you ghk? Yea i would avoid G&P's and get Pro-wins
  6. Forgot to ask cos of arnies servers being down or something and forgot..but yea could you put up a picture mate?
  7. Thats so lawl, 4 guns in 1 crazy
  8. Yea it's kinda too long and takes away the point of having a small gun.
  9. nice shooter, what fps is it pumping the bb's out at? and what weight you using btw D.O.C is a gas gun magician, you should check out gasguns, big family of gas gun users there
  10. looks awesome, i wanted to make one of them too
  11. lol kitty wants to use the night scope what gen is that scope anyways?
  12. stirrat

    AGM M4 GBB

    YOU could or something really easy,.. wait for it..... yes thats right only put 30 bb's into the magazine, i know it's ground breaking stuff comming outta my kitchen!
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