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  1. Bought a WAS Admin of Daz, quick to communicate and even quicker to get it sent out, wouldnt hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Daz!

  2. Bought an AK mag pouch from Daz, it was exactly as advertised and well wrapped. The communications have been excellent. Would recommend him as a seller on the basis of this trade.



  3. Damn you screamin_weasel, I've got a G&P AR15 (M16VN) body, grip and front end I need to sell but pictures like that make me want to keep it, VN stuff is just so damn cool.
  4. I think it was originally on large signs attached to vehicles, then it made it's way into being a "morale" patch amongst other things.
  5. It's something like: "Stay back 100 metres or you will be shot" Then the same repeated in Arabic.
  6. Personally I'd have bought a flash hider as you appear to be missing one, and would've got a shorter front end rather than a sliding stock to go with an M16 front end.
  7. D-Boys CASV and receiver. I need to sand a couple of mm from the front of my BUIS so it'll fit on the back. Quite amazing that the receiver seems to be on par with the G&P one it's replaced for a fraction of the price.
  8. Lighting isn't fantastic, but you get the idea.
  9. Looks a nice bit of kit, have they sorted out pouches for these yet? I don't think I've ever seen desert DPM PLCE.
  10. The front is bent in the second shot.
  11. QFT, those look seriously nice. My fifth Beretta M9, fourth Marui and second Biohazard (unless you count the HFC two tone). Standard with Stainless outer barrel: Black version: Gonna get a rail to go with the black version to balance out the long mag. Was actually after a rail and comp in one that didn't cost loads, but I couldn't find any comps let alone one piece units.
  12. Swapped a HFC Beretta for this: JG AUG, Kryloned it this morning (can't stand shiny plastic). Waiting on a lower power spring showing up then I need to swap the spring and reshim. Sounds like it'd be happier on a 9.6v too.
  13. AH/AW are both charging £115 actually. And LWA are charging £110. It's still strangely high, but they might be holding out for when everywhere else has sold out.
  14. I'm pretty sure it said it was a 10mm spacer. Someone needs to get a lathe and run a load of them off, should be able to profit from it.
  15. But it should stop cocking handles falling off.
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