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  1. Lol i didnt realize the other post...still...3 are pointing down...another is pointing...ummmm...another stuff
  2. With a Peq 15 or a Dbal you will have no problems.
  3. It is probably the tubes are fried or very damaged.
  4. Yeah, the surefire km3 head made that clear. It´s a shame that they are so expensive in the old Europe.
  5. Hello guys! I am looking for a Galil ARM for my SADF impression. I love the Avalon/VFC version but, and there is a BIG but there are no mid-caps. Do you know if I can use mid-caps galil style from other brand?
  6. Thanks for the photos, very instructive.
  7. I would say no Ivan, because the M6xx series used to have an m16a1 body and grip. The gun that you show it is more like an m7xx series with an m16a2 barrel.
  8. Yeah, I blued it (cold) and I painted with black krylon. Now is ugly like hell but still works.
  9. I did the same to my Kalash AK (i know it is not exactly the same as LCT xD, a wrong i will correct) and rust appears in a huge quantity...you can figure the rest. Did it happen to you?
  10. how did you do this ending to the steel? Awsome ak Ivan!
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