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  1. TM USPc - cerakote (slide/frame), stippling, fiber sights + tightbore The suppressor is just thin enough to fit perfectly into the holster
  2. TM recoil AK...its begging for some Zenitco bits
  3. TM USPc with a few goodies from Tokyo
  4. TM Biohazard 15th anniv Samurai Edge m9a1
  5. how much larger is the grip compared to a RS one? Ideally I would like to fit some RS wood grips if I were to pick one up.
  6. finally joined the club Hurricane LAPD Kimber
  7. got a pic request guys: Glock 26 advance with some kind of LAM / laser, light combo. I tried searching on google but it didn't yield much. I'm trying to think up a way to get something like the pistol in Halo 3 ODST
  8. there is this, if you can find it anywhere now.
  9. TeowneD


    1988 marushin Model 10 HB. Too bad I didnt get a shot of the whole gun.
  10. great setup mate. I pretty much have the same thing except in the non railed config. Hows the TK twist barrel working out for you? I've always contemplated getting one. TeowneD
  11. -nylon duty belt going to the left of the buckle -leatherman knife pouch -OC spray pouch -Safariland 6280 for my p226 -cuff pouch with fake cuffs -little DIY clip for my spyderco tenatious -surefire torch holster (6pLED) -Nylon mag/baton pouch -Uncle mikes open top kydex mag pouch -blackhawk belt keepers to keep the darn thing on my pants (all around) I was hoping to switch it all to leather kit but i never got around to doing so. cheers
  12. just for fun ... for cardboard, a belt, and a bunch of straps, the retention aint bad at all. on a more serious note now...one of my CQB rigs
  13. do you mean disassembled, or with parts still in frame/slide?
  14. Its got a Shooters design slide and barrel, came as a "custom" piece from UNco. Quality's great and it hasnt failed me yet, though I wish the slide was a little bit more grey.
  15. KSC glock 19 with its new 20 year old MGC cousin -brendan
  16. WA? doesn't really look like a TM from the size of the mag bumper.
  17. still running the stock TM slide with a Guarder lower......added grips, Tritium sights, chrome barrel and other bits and bobs internally... -brendan
  18. so you just painted black over the standard dot sights and replaced it with a line?
  19. wow, what met kit is that? did those sights come with it?
  20. hey mate how do you hold the BBU in place without the screw where the firing pin would be? or is the firing pin actually a screw in itself
  21. hey dude how did ya get that rail onto the top of the receiver? I have a shorty version of the m3 and i've always wanted to put an optic...my sights were shot off. -brendan
  22. hows the performance on the KJWs? the only thing thats puttin me off from buying that FBI g23 slide and the KJW is the fact that i'm biased for the performance and upgradability that a stock marui gives. -brendan
  23. Got my hands on an old Kokusai M29 gas revolver (BB shell loading version) a couple days back, the pages inside the box looked all yellowish and old and it didnt come with a manual. Anyone know more about this gun? approximate year of manufacture, rarity etc, etc... I cant seem to find anything about it on the internet that doesn't relate to the model gun version. would this count as a classic gun? also, anyone know if there is an adjustable hopup somewhere on this thing, its over-hopping all my shots even on heavier .25s -brendan
  24. it aint got one ....i bought it local at dentrinity shop since i live in Hong Kong. They somehow sell a TM MEU with full SFA trades on the slide. I've checked out other stores in HK and only dentrin seems to have em with full trademarks, so i'm guessing they engrave the SFA trades on the slide themselves. worth checking out their online store, they might have them for online retail as well....basically i get the awesomeness of full trades and the performance of a stock TM pistol... -brendan
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