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  1. wow that is amazing umisodachi! where do you insert gas? that looks great. i want one like that
  2. hey hardboiled, wonderig what kit are you talking about on uncompany? also.. nice custom case bro.
  3. does that thing use normal motor grips? and congrats
  4. Anyone know which mag converter is the best? also... what is the best battery option? (in the stock) keep the qd or dismantle it? anyone have a lipo conversion guide?
  5. Slightly off topic, but I've never heard of anyone disabling the recoil O-o is it even possible?
  6. Synthetic 'AKMSU" lol. too bad therees no underfolder
  7. OMG Piano, that RPK is beautiful. What are the gen 4 differences btw?
  8. TM P90 RD with FPs upgrade TM MPL AEG PDI Patriot
  9. TM Tac AK with King Arms Tactical Furniture, G and P metal body, custom shortened barrel, and 350 fps upgrade. For sale too....;D and Recoil Shock AKS74U
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