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  1. Not posted in a while or taken a photo of something airsofty haha .. but I'm going again next week so I forked out and put together a WE M4 with the SRU precision kit
  2. I have a small set of this stuff (I like to not spam so thought I'd just share the best one ) as I did an apocalyptic shoot a few weekends back, the shotty in this is a sweet G&P I believe, done up, apocalyptic-a-fied and sweet to hold:
  3. Aww thanks dude, I'll try to put a post in the off topic area about photography at some point see if we can collect allt he info of th emany fine photographers on arnies
  4. *punches all of my camera, editing and lighting knowledge into your skull* Hahah though for reals if you want to know stuff I can point at a chunk of tutorials and blogs I used over the last few years.
  5. A trio of images, making use of my TM HK45: Making use of a cheap end M82 I purchased recently: anddddd .. something from like a while back jus tplaying with lights and my G5:
  6. I have a mighty need to buy a Scoot and Shoot Lee Enfield .. some one tell me if I am being crazy. Also hello.

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    2. faramon


      Ahhh donkey balls, I will see if they still use M70 and if they do may see if they can upgrade to a VSR at all as I thought it used to be a VSR inside?

    3. PureSilver


      TBH for what S&S are charging I'd be buying a deactivated SMLE and stripping it for bits.

    4. Hopna


      The Enfields on their site are supposed to be 'budget' versions. Maybe that has something to do with the M70 internals. I don't see any other versions on the site though, so I have no idea what a 'premium' version is supposed to be.

  7. I've been away .. but anyone know what I could expect to get for a real PEQ-2A?

  8. Wut Wut, question for the Portuguese lot .. are there any good sites near Lisbon / Sintra, my girlfriend lives down that way so trying to figure if I should wait for her to come here or go some where there.

  9. Mah Tokyo Marui HK45 ... love it so much
  10. I built this by going through my spare parts and bits I've just never used, I'm kinda pleased with the outcome though! G&P Zombie Killer Body + 7" Troy Rail
  11. Dis is one sexy Supressor .. I want one now.
  12. Yes! Much awesome! Two light setup on the bigger items? Something main and then a rim light off to the right?
  13. Despite my spammy nature I hate spamming our glorious image threads with my photography *suitcase* .. but anyone interested one more with my Car-15 ... this time some one feminine holding it xD http://faramon.deviantart.com/art/I-Found-This-532778914

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    2. -Drake-
    3. faramon


      I honestly felt like I did ... actually even on that link 2 guys got into a small discussion over it (though they were nice about it)


      DAMMIT Drake come to London and we will do a shoot together with HUMANS ok xDDDDD ;)

    4. -Drake-


      Maybe......one day.. =I

  14. I would accept hipstery xD ... I think juxtaposition is a great description of this, the styling is a fairly classic western fashion editing plus a bit more of my own touches. Thank you though I get what you're saying and take it as a compliment that you see it that way I've always had a plan of a project to do a mix of fashion and airsoft weaponry in non sexafied shots (Think weapon outfitters if youve seen his work but studio abs individual fashion styles based) This was a shot I did ages ago and so promptly hate xD .. but it was the first one in the series for the idea h
  15. Lol .. me and My G&P WOC Car-15 .. delicious gas goodness
  16. Lol they had the sword and I am editing a picture of it ... but just before we left the house I was like ... wait quick there's two of you ... I wish for stupid Alternate Universe The One Execution shot XD ... I take stupid pictures a lot man xD
  17. Am i stretching this ... wasn't sure whether to put it in here ... it's my TM HK45 being used for the good of cosplay. This is how cosplayers deal with other people doing the same character ..
  18. I am also a fan of this almost aligator feel digital hex pattern! Liked the page and look forward to when you guys put some up for sale
  19. faramon

    CZ Picture Thread

    Yup, 3 long mags because I love looking at how ridiculous it is with one in xDDD
  20. faramon

    CZ Picture Thread

    Just gonna stick this here .. is there a Scorpion thread .. would it go here .. I don't even know, KSC Scorpion:
  21. I did this on Saturday .. though I also have a picture of my KSC Scorpion that I just need to edit
  22. Come to me KSC Scorpion +3 Long mags .... youll be coming with me to the Mall for my birthday xD

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    2. Gunmane


      Just realized you share the same day with one of my cousins. There a game being held on my bday, but its across the state sadly.

    3. faramon


      Tell your cousin only one can be born n the 12th and am coming for him if he keeps trying to pretend that's his day. xDDDD

    4. Gunmane


      You can fight him in mario kart then, about the only fight he'd do, lol. I recently found out that the daughter of one of my favorite twitch streamers shares my day, but she can have it.

  23. Anyone used airsoftrange.co.uk before, they have something I want but never had any interactions with them.

  24. Heya anyone knwo of anyone with one of the Cheap China soft RPG-7's for sale / trade / possible to borrow / rent? Need one for a photo shoot in late November xD

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    2. Hardcore1-6


      I'll ask again..


    3. faramon


      Thank you! If not it's all cool buddy, I did also notice that Airsoftworld are selling the china soft version for £220 so if it's more than that I'd be at a no anyway.

    4. Hardcore1-6


      I want my own now.

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