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  1. I began in 2001 and am quite in a hyatus since 2010, I'm known here mainly for the years spent in the chatroom Cheers and regards pals !
  2. Testing new gear, EI H-Harness I'm not limited to multicam, I have BDU, DCU, TAN, PCU... But still, no inspiration
  3. Lax


    Ratech custom and G&P Woc DMRs
  4. I bought a vpr magpul sniper and I love its look ! First bad new, ehobby shipped it to me with the bolt carrier / nozzle plastic clip broken... Second bad new the bolt stop has a little part moving that completely locks my bolt backwards and I have to press on it through the window to reset... Third bad new, only my g&p black pmags fit to the magwell ! I can't understand why my FDE pmags and g&p standard mag are not fitting ! That's a lot, but since I always had issues with GBBR before using them and since this G&P has a great finish and is nearly ready to play, I'm happy.
  5. Ratech, available at their shop or at ehobby i.e.
  6. The fox video was fun indeed ! Rarely see that much GBB action ^^
  7. I've been weak and bought a new woc XD I'm already loving it !
  8. Great great and awesooooooome ! I'm digging the L1A1 Carbine and candyman's ex sniper rifle :3
  9. I'll do more tests with heavier bbs, but since the power seems to be around 400fps, I'll not get 250 feet range. We'll see what are the best effective and maximum range I get. For the inner barrel, I know that ratech does the full lenght for stock kc02, just check their page, you'll get the lenght.
  10. I set my scope at 140 feets, I had bad bbs and little battleground ^^ I assume it shoots further easily and accurately ^^ The inner barrel came with the sniper kit, I bought it already installed by uncompany
  11. Hi there, Coming back from a game ! the kc02 did an overkill I set the gun with low hopup at 40 meters on a 20x20 target, using ultrair and 0,25 tanio koba bio bbs Not the greatest consumables to test it ! The most important past 0.30, it's not the weight but the bb quality, 0,43 for a 400ish fps gun :/ I have the ratech rubber and long inner barrel all the way in the fluted outer. 6.01, very accurate ! I know about the falcon barrel, but the friend of mine that put it with the stock barrel and silencer isn't available now. I don't know if it reaches the tip of the fluted or more ! T
  12. This baby will be on stage sunday, maybe chronoed ^^
  13. Only did the can test at home by 25°c With ultrair gaz, went through each side of the can, but didn't pass the bottom of it. So 400 fps ?
  14. That's really a barbie rifle So much fun I've got a huge scope to come in The 9mm long mag is announced, I find it ugly, but for a non sniper use it may be useful
  15. The screws are under the frame ? Which mount is it please ?
  16. We need moar feedback I got my ratech Couldn't test it, but I'm loving it
  17. Finally did an average pic of the imperator
  18. My armory was some hours ago a full 2011 stack ^^ Just added a rifle, but the interceptor received its handguard, and I love it
  19. Without being too much off topic, any idea of molle compatible pouches for 2011 ? I'm thinking of a loadout and have 6 mags to carry on my front ^^ I'm awaiting the interceptor handguard By the way, the open class from vainguard and the dual tone hybrid from racingmaniac, are in my opinion the most greatest airsoft pistols of all times I would kill for ^^
  20. That's half a gigant, half a gigant interceptor, I have to buy the special handguard and a silencer. But I really would have enjoyed a metal slide, since all internals have been upgraded :s I wonder what shop can have it, zendo or else
  21. Finally found one !!! Now I need a metal slide :s
  22. Really happy you like it so much
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