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  1. Johngol10

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Standard set-up for KAC blasters seems to be a T1, PEQ15, and KAC Handstop... Anyone run anything different? Trying to get ideas for a build.
  2. Johngol10

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    My Salomon mids (Never really did figure out the model) and Merrel Geomorph Maze Stretch's. Both have seen better days, but work just fine nonetheless.
  3. Johngol10

    Pics of your Gear

    I'm sorry, but that kit is exceptionally badass. Can we get a kit-list?
  4. Johngol10

    Pics of your Gear

    If you don't mind me asking, what materials did you need? I've been thinking of doing this to my woodlands.
  5. Johngol10

    Pics of your Gear

    How much did she charge for it?

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