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  1. Had to contribute, I can't remember if I posted this in the SEAL thread, but since I'm working on a more updated NSW greenside woodland kit I figured I'd post the old one from just about last year; And a screengrab from a friend's video. Right before a quick CQB round, had to use a friend's AKM as my M60 went down earlier in the day.
  2. Thanks, I'll have to keep looking then. At least I have an actual name for reference.
  3. Whitehawk, where'd you get that flare tube? I've been looking for one all over the web/Ebay and I can't seem to find anything.
  4. This thread needs to live. Had the opportunity during an incredibly stormy day and couldn't pass it up. M14 is on its way, and I need to order two more ALICE mag pouches, a scrim scarf, and make a belt pad but it's pretty much done. Subbed in my missing flight gloves with HWI combat gloves. It's safe to say that greenside kits are my favorite.
  5. Where'd you get the repo battery pack? Also, does the fake Wilcox arm fit perfectly on that IBH shroud or did you have to mod it?
  6. Standard set-up for KAC blasters seems to be a T1, PEQ15, and KAC Handstop... Anyone run anything different? Trying to get ideas for a build.
  7. What size are you? I would love to pick one up, but Asian sizing still perplexes me and it would be of great help to figure out what size would fit me best...
  8. Still waiting on a review for this... Seems interesting enough.
  9. I've had a pair of replica Crye trousers before, and if they share any relation to the ones that the Allwin AOR1 set comes with, then they're not exactly a rubbery-plastic, it's like the same as a standard pair of kneepads, just a tad bit more flexible.
  10. A lot of crazy good looking rifles in this thread... Although an appearance of a couple more AK's out of all the AR's may spruce it up a bit.
  11. galih_INA, I think they had a radio pouch mounted to their ALICE belts. Not sure though.
  12. My Salomon mids (Never really did figure out the model) and Merrel Geomorph Maze Stretch's. Both have seen better days, but work just fine nonetheless.
  13. Something quick I scrapped together out of an SDS Woodland Bandolier, Condor double mag pouch, and an EI rifle/pistol mag kydex pouch with a lot of tape and bungee cord. Works fine for now, I also used the center M16/M4 mag pouch (Flipped around for the MOLLE panel, the flaps face the chest instead of outward) to hold an M9. I was bored. (Yes I realize my mags are facing the wrong direction, it was 4 AM and I was in a rush)
  14. Haha I know, I honestly would get some if I didn't have to buy other things first.
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