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  1. I was just wondering if a regular AK receiver was compatible with the AKSU front end... I don't have access to a machine shop or welding tools. do you think an LCT X47 receiver for a Marui is pot metal???
  2. Can't you just get an X47 receiver and mate it with an AKSU front end to make a Magpul'd AKSU?
  3. hmmm, you know what would be interesting is mounting an RIS rail on the charging handle and then placing a magpul AFG on the rail...
  4. Someone needs to figure out how to hide the feed tube and wiring inside some 5.56mm rounds, much like what Star did with their Mk46...
  5. just confirmed that an EoTech 553 won't work - too tall argh.
  6. wow very cool - I tried to get an aimpoint micro to co-witness with the sights but no luck - I had the DYTAC "co-witness" version and I still couldn't place the reticule on target hence why I'm asking about the EoTech.
  7. forgot to ask, can you compare the Mk 23 box mag with the M249 100 round para cloth mag? They look to be about the same size but I just want to check so I can figure out what pouches to order...
  8. and if someone could reverse engineer the feed concept into an M60, or an M240B, or a PKM...(insert other popular machine gun) then we'd have a winner on our hands...
  9. Does the EOTech series co-witness with the MP7 rifle sights anyone?
  10. This gun looks really good, but I'm going to wait until they get all the stock problems sorted out...
  11. Blazer, I am extremely interested in how you did this modification. Would you kindly take some pictures for us?
  12. sowi is that a real aimpoint micro?
  13. havent tested out the silencer on my MP7 but we shall see...
  14. who wants to try and photoshop my image, see what you can come up with...
  15. Part of my upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction Loadout... Let's see who can come up with the best photoshop of this pic...
  16. Agent47

    Custom Gear

    Hope I'm posting this in the right forum, I've contacted a couple of well-known custom manufacturers and they all seem to be offline/busy at the moment... I am in the market for a custom MOLLE MP7 holster in OD that can securely hold the gun with an aimpoint micro sight attached to it as well as a silencer. I am also looking for a MOLLE MP7 mag pouch that holds 2 40 round mags in three pouches. I found these examples online at another forum, and I have an MP7 with sight and a similar WGC holster ready to ship to you in case you need to take measurements. Please PM me if
  17. Agent47

    Custom Gear

    has anyone ever used this guy before for custom gear: Warfighter Tactical Judging by the MP7 holster on his/her website someone may have used them already, but what quality control things (bartacking, etc) should I be asking about before asking them for a project?
  18. for anyone with a lipo battery in the buffer tube of a collapsible-stock AR, what brand do you use and does it affect the way the stock collapses?
  19. any of you guys have the Beta Project transparent midcaps? do you know if they fit in Marui or VFC aegs?
  20. me and a fellow med student celebrating the end of our first year of med school - she got a lucky kill on me
  21. Hey dude, I'm interested in your TM P226, do you have any pics of it?


  22. EOL would you happen to know if King Arms Galil mags fit in your ICS Galil?
  23. I think I know why the gun looks huge, the barrel on the TSI seems to be higher than on the real one...
  24. Whoever owns a MAG long mag for the RPK-74, be warned, this thing does not seat well in the LCT magwell of the RPK, I was holding it in for most of the game to make sure it fed properly...
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