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  1. ICS AK74U. Weathering attempted on receiver... Which I consider a partial failure. Weathering/aging on the wood turned out nice though
  2. Hi GingaNinga.I had actually already read your review and discussion of the LiPo battery in the USP before I commited to buying. In the end I went for a custom-made LiPo as you saw in the video. As for the aspect ratio I'm sure YouTube did something weird with it :\
  3. That is a RIS Riser, yes. The reason behind it is completely personal. I find that with a AFG mounted directly onto the rail my elbow wants to cock out and it becomes an issue of me sticking my limbs out. By shifting it lower I've removed that problem and can be a more 'narrow' target.
  4. Nah it fits in the stock, and the Acog is no longer on it as I'm turning this into a FAL DMR like the one used by the NZSAS
  5. Sigma3, what did you do to the wood to get it to look like that?
  6. My JG RIS. Chopped and changed quite a bit over the past few months; experimenting with different configurations and such. This seems to be a keeper though. Handy rear-wired stubby butt stock for ultimate battery retention
  7. Hard to see but I took to my KJ works M9.. First time I've ever done any work like this, gotta say it was quite a bit of fun!
  8. Not quite FN but couldn't find a SLR/FAL thread. Classic Army SA58 R.I.S Carbine UTG Short Foregrip ACM Acog Red-Dot 7.4v 2200mah LiPo Ordered a Sig 552 Nozzle for it and I have a new hop-up nub ready to go in after a shooting test this arvo. Ordered from Hobby e-Shop
  9. Thanks, man. Nah, I struggle to see the point in changing anything about this pistol. It's perfect for the job it was designed for
  10. Hi scar527! That 34m range was tested using 0.25g BB's, the standard weight used by our club I have skirmished it on the first day I took it out on the field. I ditched my JG G36 and 8kg chest rig in favour of the pistol, 3 extra mags, and a speed-loader. The USP was hellishly accurate but vastly underpowered. Even with that 34m range the punch it delivers on target is very soft. I was shooting a guy from about 15m away with the pistol and he was not calling his hits (could have been the player) until I finally told him in a loud voice "CALL YOUR HITS!" I tested it on a willing pa
  11. I loved it so much on the first day I used it I dropped my primary and just had a ball with that thing for the rest of the games! It's funny how using it makes you play completely differently
  12. Yes. It is a Tokyo Marui USP .40S&W AEP TM Silencer Adaptor Spartan Doctrine Delta Force 110mmx30mm Silencer
  13. Hey Arnie's Forum members. Here is a video review for the Tokyo Marui USP .40S&W AEP. I noticed a lack of one on Youtube and these forums so I took the liberty to do my own. This is my first ever review so please feel free to criticise. Cheers Gauge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35TliBTIBiY
  14. Thanks! Here is a much nicer photo
  15. Certainly It started out as just another bullet-proof JG G36C. Insert the following: SRC aftermarket parts (Stock, handguard, RAS, M4 magwell, stubby silencer) Cut down JG G36C scope mount/rail and inserted SocomGear Flat rail inserts Reflex sight (ACM) King Arms AK style M4/M16 magazines ACM Foregrip I had the idea after seeing what PMC's were doing with their AK's and it grew from there. Also:
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